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narrow living room

Setting up a narrow living room easily with TUKA

The living room is the heart of every apartment because that’s where you spend the most time. Here you sit together with friends or family. Therefore, this room should definitely be comfortable. A narrow “hose room” presents you with the challenge of designing and using the space really smartly. We reveal which furniture you should best put where so that your project “setting up a narrow living room” works. Get inspired.

narrow living room
narrow living room

Our customer’s room was decorated very classically with a touch of country house charm. The rather clunky, heavy furniture was not ideal for the narrow space. The two showcases on the side of the sofa in particular restricted the space. Without a carpet, the square coffee table in the middle of the room also looked out of place and lost. Although the furniture was all roughly in the same style, it did not form a harmonious unit.

Our customer’s new living room needed to be modern, luxurious and timelessly elegant. The main element was to be a light beige sofa with delicate legs, which was combined with a matching armchair. The idea was to integrate otherwise light furniture with a clean shape and subtle colors. Natural materials should provide comfort.

narrow living room style

Modern furnishings are based on neutral colors and simple, light shapes. It becomes elegant when you add accents with black and metallic tones such as gold. Natural materials ensure coziness.

As already mentioned, neutral colors play the main role and are mainly integrated here in the form of light gray and beige tones. Gold and black create contrasts. Light fabrics, wood and metal elements create a mix of cozy and modern-elegant.

The sofa is the most important element in the living room. Instead of an XL model, you should opt for a delicate version in combination with an armchair in a narrow living room. In general, light colors are recommended for larger furniture. Choose several light sources, these create a cozy ambience. Otherwise, the wall decoration is an important aspect; murals and room-enlarging mirrors should not be missing here.

  1. Sofa is discreet and light in light beige. The slim legs in particular make it the perfect sofa for rooms that are not too large.
  2. Armchair is the perfect match for Moby sofa. Both in terms of shape and color.
  3. Thanks to its round shape, the coffee table is ideally positioned in the middle of the room.
  4. Sideboard with doors made of solid ash wood brings naturalness into the room. Its herringbone pattern gives it an elegant look.
  5. The metal shelf makes ideal use of the small wall next to the door. Pretty decoration is perfectly staged here in the delicate frame.
narrow living room
narrow living room
narrow living room

The result is modern, elegant, stylish – exactly as desired. The room appears brighter and friendlier than before. We only chose small details such as cushions, mirrors and carpets to be more subtle than in the design. This makes the room look even more elegant.

  1. Choose delicate (seating) furniture . These don’t seem so cramped!
  2. Create a room centerpiece with carpet
  3. Use wall decoration smartly – for example, you can attach the mirrors to a narrow side of the room (this makes the room appear larger) or use the walls with shelves for storage space
  4. Provide plenty of light sources . Light makes the room appear visually wider

We hope we were able to inspire you with our tips and ideas for your own living room. And if you need more living ideas for your home, you can get individual advice from our experts. Have fun, your Tuka team!


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