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Setting up a rustic living room: Best 10 tips & ideas

The rustic country house style is becoming increasingly popular. No wonder! Because he has long since given up his old-fashioned and stuffy charm. Hardly any other style radiates so much warmth, security and naturalness . We’ll tell you here which tips and tricks you can use to conjure up your own rustic living room . Look forward to our ten beautiful ideas and let yourself be inspired!

Original, rough and so natural – the rustic interior design style goes back to the roots. If we had to describe the style in just two words, they would probably be naturalness and simplicity . Materials directly from nature give the style its naturally organic character and make it unmistakably cozy. It satisfies the longing for fresh air and brings a lot of relaxation home. Be it in the living room, bedroom or kitchen .

Wood is the focus of rustic furnishings. While the style used to sometimes have something overwhelming about it, a rustic living room now appears in numerous facets . Whether in a complete country look or to set contrasting accents in a modern, puristic apartment – rustic details are very popular in the interior sector.

Fireplaces provide incomparable warmth in the house and always radiate a special magic. Especially in a rustic living room, you can create even more cosiness and a real feel-good atmosphere . For a mix of cozy, rustic and yet modern, the combination of fireplace and stone slab is ideal. A stylish element, especially in a white or beige living room !

Covered in wood from floor to ceiling: unimaginable for many years ago and considered extremely unfashionable. But the tide has turned. The woody all-over look now looks really modern. The secret: Pay attention to clear lines, reduced silhouettes and neutral colors. Be it the furniture, the decoration or the wall color – less is more.

You can also work wonderfully with glass and delicate designs on a wooden wall . Whether you ultimately decide on a whole wall made of wood or individual high wooden shelves is up to you. By the way, we’ll tell you how you can easily create such a wooden bookshelf yourself in our simple instructions .

In lofts, apartments or houses – bricks are now a very popular material for indoor use. It harmonizes beautifully with wood and makes the living room even more homely. But even in more minimalist interiors, a brick wall can become a unique eye-catcher – tradition meets modernity in its most beautiful form.

Wonderfully carefree, inviting, calming and with a unique feeling of freedom – that’s what the country house style stands for . With a mix of sturdy wood, natural linen fabrics and playful floral designs, you can bring this idyll into your living room.

When it comes to colors, the focus is primarily on neutral earth tones such as beige and brown . Close to nature is the motto. You can freshen up the whole look wonderfully with delicate color accents in red, green or blue. Rustic and yet wonderfully romantic!

Especially in winter, when it’s icy cold outside, furs conjure up a particularly cozy atmosphere in your rustic living room. XXL sofa with multi-faceted fur cushions, lots of wood and natural colors – with this mix you can turn your living room into a private chalet . The skins not only look great on the sofa or armchair, but also on the floor. A fur rug like this gives the living room an extra dose of comfort.

Rustic and modern – sounds like a contradiction? It is not at all. Modern furniture in light tones such as cream or beige create a great contrast to the warm wood. The modern country look is more popular than ever. Clear lines and reduced designs in the furniture meet untreated, natural wooden details – a fantastic addition. This puristic look of the furniture and textiles should ideally be reflected throughout the entire living room in order to give the rustic style its space and not appear overwhelming.

Rustic cupboards or tables made of real wood give the rustic living room an unmistakable touch. The traces of years of use and fine grains in particular ensure a very special character. Flea markets or antique shops are a veritable treasure trove of such treasures.

Of course, the rustic style is also perfect for a Christmas living room ! The focus is on nostalgic and rural accents . Traditional checked patterns, together with natural materials such as wood, jute and a few pine branches from the garden, create a cozy environment in which we spend wonderful holidays. Classic Christmas colors such as red, green and brown set the tone here and give the living room a warm touch. When mixed with neutral nuances such as beige and gray, the whole look gets a modern finishing touch.

Whether in a reduced Scandi living room or in a country house environment – a coffee table made of wood or pallets gives every room a rustic charm. Coffee tables made from Euro pallets are particularly popular and can be easily built yourself. Using old materials for furniture, also known as upcycling, is an important aspect of rustic furnishing style.

If you like it particularly striking and authentic, you can leave the pallet table in its natural color. Simply sand with coarse sandpaper and apply a colorless glaze. The light shabby touch fits perfectly into a rustic living room.

With just a few rustic accessories you can bring the country house charm into your home. We associate one thing in particular with rustic decoration : country, forest and mountains. This is exactly why wood is so important as a basis for an authentic flair. But vases and bowls with a rough surface, antler elements for the wall or old picture frames also perfectly underline the country look . This way you can create an atmospheric atmosphere in your living room in no time.

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