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Shared room and Student room Ideas – Best tips in 2024

By the time you have completed your studies or training, you want to be able to stand on your own two feet. You turn your back on the children’s room in your parents’ house and dare to embark on new adventures. Since there is often not enough money for their own apartment , many young people move into shared apartments. If you generally don’t like living alone or want to share your new home with your best friend, a shared apartment is a great solution. 

Do you want a cozy atmosphere with your roommates? Then our interior experts will give you helpful tips and great ideas on how you can furnish your shared room or student room (in a student residence). Get inspired!

shared room student room

When setting up a shared room, the question also arises as to which furnishing style you want to achieve in your room. We have summarized our most popular living styles for you. The Scandinavian style impresses with bright colors and is characterized by natural materials. Light woods, fresh flowers and evergreen branches are combined here with robust fabrics such as cotton, leather and linen. It’s best to avoid ornate or playful things. Scandi style thrives on clear lines.

The industrial style is rough, cool and reminiscent of factory and steel. With its unfinished look, it places an impressive focus on the combination of clean surfaces and rough materials. Don’t forget colorful accents in bright yellow or bright red! Otherwise your small loft can quickly seem too cool. For a modern style student room, less is definitely more! Pay attention to uniform colors and clear shapes for simple elegance. Avoid furniture with ornaments, instead focus on straight lines. Light wood and graphic patterns are the trend here.

  • Create a cozy oasis of peace where you can feel comfortable and relax. Light plays a central role here. Indirect light from lights and pretty candles illuminate your student room and ensure coziness. You can also visually enlarge the room. Don’t use a single light source on the ceiling, but rather create several small islands of light in your shared room.
  • You can decorate your room wonderfully with plants . Cut flowers also bring liveliness and freshness into the room. Do you have too little storage space or would you like to create another small room? Then houseplants can be hung stylishly from the ceiling.
  • It has to be fluffy and cuddly . You can make your student room even more comfortable with wool blankets, decorative pillows and carpets in different patterns and materials.
  • Don’t feel like choosing a wall color? But you don’t want your walls to be too bare? Elegant art prints or stylish photographs in black and white provide variety on the wall. But mirrors are also a nice idea. They make your student room appear even larger and bring more brightness into the room.
  • With a shelf as a room divider, you can create several cozy living areas in your student room. For example, you can divide the room into a work area and a relaxation area. Shelves also offer additional storage space, which can be particularly helpful in small rooms.

Sleep, eat, study, chill – all in just a few square meters? There’s no question that furnishing small rooms is not that easy and can be a big challenge for some people. Basically, the smaller the living space, the more economically you should furnish it. Our interior experts will tell you with these tips how you can furnish your small shared room in a functional and stylish way at the same time.

Make space: Before moving in, you should sort out things and get rid of everything you no longer need. Space-saving storage solutions like under-bed storage boxes, stackable boxes or hanging shelves help organize everything else.

1. Functional or multifunctional furniture

If you want to furnish a small shared room, it is best to use multifunctional furniture . A sofa bed, for example, is a bed and sofa in one. A small stool next to it can be used both as a side table and as a seat. Or what do you think of a desk with additional storage space? Books and papers can be neatly stored in built-in drawers. If you really have very little space in your room, you can install a secretary or a folding wall table instead of a desk.

Extra tip for making small rooms practical: The shared room is too small, but the bed and desk are two absolute must-haves? With a loft bed you complement your student room in a practical way and don’t have to miss out on anything.

2. Create storage space

In order to use all the space in your small student room, you should look for pieces of furniture that are tall. On the one hand, this can be a high shelf above the room door where you can store your books and documents. On the other hand, this can also be a higher bed under which you can store bed linen, shoes, etc. Or you can get a large chest from the flea market. You can not only use it as storage space for towels and bedding – as a stylish interior piece, it can quickly become a seat, a table or a shelf for clothes.

Tip: Hang your shelves instead of setting them up. If the floor remains free, the room appears much more airy and spacious!

3. Choose the right light wall color

Light colors make small rooms appear larger and more structured. If you combine light-colored furniture, a feeling of space is created. However, this isn’t for everyone – the room can quickly seem too monotonous. If you want to give the room a little more depth and excitement, you can, for example, paint a wall in your favorite color. However, the ceiling should remain white, otherwise the shared room will look too overwhelming. For a harmonious overall look, you should also try to keep the rest of the furnishings in roughly the same color spectrum. Are you into patterns? Then it’s best to use wallpaper with smaller and even patterns. Otherwise your student room may seem too restless.

The desk is used for productive work and learning and is therefore the be-all and end-all for most students. It is important that there is enough space for a laptop or computer and other learning utensils. This is what you need to set up your learning area:

  • An ergonomic, comfortable chair : This investment is worth its weight in gold, especially if you spend a lot of time here. This way you can prevent back pain.
  • Keep things tidy: Desk organizers, storage compartments, pretty storage boxes or even a pin board are smart ideas. You can post to-dos, notes for a good overview and even inspiration on the pin board. It can help you visualize your goals and stay organized.
  • Natural light and sufficient lighting: It is best to place the desk near or directly in front of the window, as natural light can even promote concentration. With a desk lamp you can also provide light on dark days or evenings.
  • Peace and privacy: The study area should of course be quiet and distraction-free. You can tell roommates your study times and ask for more quiet at that time. A sign on the door can also help.

Always broke and don’t have the money for a new sofa or bookshelf at the moment? No problem! If you want to save money, you can easily make your own furniture. A shoe rack made from a sewer pipe, a bed made from pallets or a branch as a wardrobe – there really are no limits to your imagination. Our favorite DIY idea for bargain hunters : A homemade bookshelf. To do this, simply stack two to three wine or fruit crates with the open side facing forward. If you want, you can then paint it with a color that matches the furnishings.

Or what about spending an afternoon at the flea market with your friends? Every now and then you can find real treasures here for little money. And if you don’t have enough money in your wallet, ask friends or acquaintances whether they might have a few pieces of furniture to give away.

Otherwise, when setting up, you can always check whether there are cheaper alternatives for expensive pieces of furniture and decoration. For example, you can replace the expensive wardrobe with a stylish clothes rail or a shoe cabinet with an inexpensive shelf.

Of course, the decoration shouldn’t be neglected in your student room. With pillows and blankets, your bed becomes a cozy retreat and a cozy oasis of well-being. Fairy lights or a stylish pendant light bring warm light and coziness into your four walls. A colored carpet not only looks cool, but also keeps your feet warm.

If you want to add a personal touch to your shared room, photos of friends and family or postcards from your vacation are an absolute must. For example, you can beautifully drape these next to important notes on a homemade pin board or memo board.

And the rest of the apartment? Here too, when setting up, you should make sure that there is enough storage space in the hallway, living room and bathroom. A nice coat rack in the entrance area will help you and your roommates stay organized. For example, you can decorate the wall with a stylish mirror. You can easily design a cozy living room with cozy home textiles that invite you to relax on the couch and armchair.

  1. Find a common style! Of course you can design your room however you want and, above all, according to your taste. Nevertheless, you should agree on a common concept when it comes to designing your living space. This creates harmony in the apartment and the shared apartment becomes an absolute oasis of well-being. In addition, a cluttered environment also appears less chaotic.
  2. Keep order! This applies to both the classic shoe chaos and things that like to fly around. Add space-saving options that keep things tidy over the long term. A shared shoe cabinet in the entrance area or a metal shelf with boxes for small items in the living room work wonders.
  3. Before you start designing your shared apartment, you should first take stock . What furniture do you or your roommates own? And what, if any, needs to be purchased? With little tricks you can create a uniform overall picture without having to buy a completely new piece of furniture. This means that different cupboards and dressers look much more uniform with matching dresser knobs.
  1. If you want to be on the safe side, label your food in the fridge with small pieces of paper. This way, the roommates know what is intended for the general public and which products only you can enjoy.
  2. To prevent spices from flying all over the cupboards, a small box or metal basket is helpful. This means you have the spices immediately to hand and you don’t have to search through all the cupboards while cooking.
  3. Make sure you have storage space! Combine a modular refrigerator with an open shelf in which you can also ideally store the microwave. Kitchen accessories such as soup spoons, ladles or spatulas find their place on a stylish rack.
  4. In general, everything in a shared kitchen should always be put away in its place so that the person after you can cook in a relaxed manner. And you don’t have to look for plates etc. You can create order in a drawer by dividing the storage space inside with a few narrow parts. This will prevent pots from slipping around.
  5. Taking out the trash is annoying, but it’s part of everyday life in a shared apartment. Removable buckets are perfect so that the rubbish is not forgotten in the kitchen. These are often even planned directly into the kitchen. And installed in such a way that they disappear behind a cupboard.

With our tips you can not only decorate your student room beautifully. This means you can enjoy your time in your shared apartment to the fullest. At TUKA you will find beautiful interior pieces and decorative accessories that will transform your shared room into a real home. We hope you have fun shopping, furnishing and decorating!

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