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living room dining room combo ideas

Small Living Room Dining Room Great Combo Ideas 2024

Eating and living in a small space? That works! But admittedly, it takes sophistication and practice to make your living room comfortable. The two areas should always be clearly separated from each other, including the floor. The best way to solve it is with a carpet. The dining area in particular should not seem like a foreign object in the room with its table and chairs. One of our customers called on the interior design service from TUKA to help her. She wanted a modern, comfortable, but also timeless interior. You can see the result of the small living room with dining area project here.

living room dining room combo ideas

At first the small room was furnished, but somehow uncomfortable. The dark dining area seemed carelessly squeezed into the corner. And the wall between the table and the sofa was bare. Overall, the room was decorated decoratively, but somehow everything didn’t fit together quite harmoniously.

A cozy corner sofa with a matching carpet makes the back area of ​​the room cozy. A round table is used in the front part, which no longer looks like it is squeezed into the corner . Many images serve as a unifying element on the long wall, giving the room personality.

Modern shapes and subtle colors are complemented here with natural materials or motifs in wall pictures. A dark shade of green is suitable as an accent color. Wood and rattan are particularly popular materials. In the form of Viennese braid there is a touch of retro charm on top.

The colors are mainly neutral. Shades of gray and black are dominant, accentuated with dark green, which underlines the natural atmosphere. Natural materials such as wood and rattan are chosen in a mix with light fabrics.  

Furniture should be carefully selected for a small room. A corner sofa is ideal for this as it takes advantage of the otherwise mostly unused space in a corner. As a contrast, the table can be round. A carpet in the corner of the sofa and a large floor lamp are particularly important for coziness and lighting. Both areas can of course differ in their colors, for example, but should also have similarities.

  1. Wooden chairs fits perfectly into the overall picture with their rounded, delicate shape. The mix of rattan and wood embodies the desired natural look.
  2. The hand-woven rug in light gray-beige helps separate the sofa corner from the rest of the room. At the same time, its light gray tone contrasts beautifully with the sofa.
  3. The modern arc lamp is another light source in the room that makes the sofa area more comfortable. With its gold-colored frame, it matches the other lamp perfectly.
  4. The velvet stool in dark green brings the accent color into play and completes the sofa corner.
living room dining room combo ideas

The result is a harmonious and modern room in which a harmonious concept has been implemented. The sofa was finally placed with its back to the window. This makes the room seem a little larger – the space under the window has been used optimally.

For more ideas and information please feel free to check our inspiration and advice page.

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