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small room design ideas

Small Room Design Ideas – Best Tips in 2024

Small room, big horror? No fear. Furnishing small rooms can be a challenge, but with our small room design ideas you can still manage to decorate your room in a space-saving and beautiful way. From the small bedroom to the kids room and living room to the kitchen and bathroom, we will give you practical advice here. This is how you can make optimal use of your limited space and create a visually and functionally appealing design:

1. Good space planning and clever arranging:

First, you should carefully measure the room and create a floor plan. This is the only way you know which furniture could fit where. You can create a mood board and experiment with different arrangements until you find the right variant for you.

2. Use bright colors and provide plenty of light

Choose a light wall color as well as light furniture and decorations, which make the room appear more open and spacious. Lots of lighting also makes the room look friendlier and prevents dark corners. It is therefore best to combine elements such as a ceiling light, a floor lamp, a table lamp and wall lights.

3. Space-saving furniture and plenty of storage space

Multifunctional furniture , such as folding beds, extendable tables or a coffee table or stool with storage space are ideal for small spaces. Because functionality is the focus. Also take advantage of the vertical space through storage with high shelves, wall hooks, wall shelves or a tall cabinet. There should definitely be order in small rooms.

Pull-out drawers under a bed are also a clever idea to make the most of limited space.

4. Mirror for more width:

You should place mirrors so that they reflect light and visually enlarge the room. Large wall mirrors or mirror surfaces on cupboard doors can have an enormous impact on the depth of the room. You can discover more space-enlarging tips such as stripes in our article.

5. Minimalist decoration based on the ÔÇťless is moreÔÇŁ principle:

Don’t give up decorating completely, as it makes your apartment and rooms really cozy. Nevertheless, the decoration shouldn’t be too conspicuous and – very important – it shouldn’t be too much overall.

small room design ideas

The special feature of this room: it often has no window.

  • Create good storage space solutions in the bathroom, for example with narrow shelves, wall cupboards and a washing machine shelf.
  • Space-saving sanitary facilities such as corner sinks or wall-mounted toilets can also be an option.
  • Use light colors and large mirrors when decorating to visually enlarge the room.
  • Nothing should be left lying around – even small bathroom utensils should be stored in nice storage baskets.
  • Space-saving bathroom accessories include towel racks with multiple arms or wall-mounted toothbrush cups and soap dispensers.

The special feature of this room: A dining area is often desired; you need a lot of storage space for food and cooking utensils.

  • The most important thing when setting up a kitchen in a small space: multifunctional kitchen appliances. For example, an oven and microwave are also available in combination. Think about whether you really need a dishwasher, for example.
  • Space-saving kitchen furniture includes pull-out work surfaces, for example. Or how about a folding table?
  • Wall space can be used with wall shelves and hooks for additional storage space.
  • You can create clear order with transparent storage containers.
  • A spice rack or hanging storage system are other clever ideas. Or how about a narrow storage cart on wheels?

The special feature of the room: A comfortable bed must be combined with plenty of storage space for clothes in the small bedroom.

  • The limited space here must be carefully thought through through intensive spatial planning. Place the bed to the side of the window and door to get a better night’s sleep according to the Feng Shui principle.
  • When it comes to the bed, there are clever solutions such as a bed frame with integrated drawers, a classic storage bed or even a loft bed with a desk underneath.
  • Bright and calming colors are also recommended here.
  • If you don’t have space for a large closet, it’s best to combine a clothes rail with a chest of drawers, for example.
  • Soft lighting, decorative pillows and curtains ensure coziness.

The special feature of the room: The dining area and living area are often combined here, so you need a lot of seating options.

  • Multifunctional furniture such as an extendable sofa bed, an extendable dining table or a coffee table with integrated storage space are particularly essential here.
  • Space-saving storage furniture can be, for example, wall shelves or a high corner shelf.
  • Light colors for walls and furniture also make the living room appear more airy.
  • Mirrors are the ideal decoration for the small living room to visually enlarge the room.
  • Use multiple light sources such as floor lamps, table lamps or wall lights for maximum coziness.
  • Room dividers or carpets can be clever solutions for dividing rooms.

Special feature of the room: A kids room has to accommodate a lot of different areas, from the sleeping area to the play area to the storage area.

  • Practical multifunctional furniture for the children’s room is, for example, a loft bed with a desk or a bed that grows with the child.
  • Storage solutions such as toy boxes with wheels or high shelves with beautiful storage boxes keep things tidy.
  • Bright colors and playful patterns or motifs on the wall that the child likes create a friendly atmosphere.
  • Space-saving play surfaces such as a roll-up play mat in the middle of the room can be easily stored away.

Do you need more small room design ideas or interior design styles ? Check our advices page.

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