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storage space ideas

Create storage space in the living room: Best 10 ideas are particularly practical!

Full shelves, stacks on every surface and unused dust collectors everywhere? Sounds anything but relaxed… Could it be that you’re longing for some order right now ? The magic word is “storage space”! Especially in the room in which you spend most of your time, taming the chaos can work wonders. That’s why today we’re looking at storage space in the living room. Voilá: our 10 best tips!

Everyone has stuff and all sorts of things that we need more or less often in everyday life. This is completely normal and actually applies to all rooms in the apartment . However, if this creates a mess, it will neither look comfortable nor provide the desired relaxation. “Order on the outside gives order on the inside,” they say. And we say: With the right storage space in the living room, this is definitely possible!

Extra tip: Small living rooms in particular benefit from smart organization aids when setting up, because clutter makes them appear even smaller.

If the square meters are not enough for additional dressers or cupboards: Use an empty wall for storage space in the living room . Here you can install open shelves or even a “floating” sideboard. The airy impression takes up little space and you can even arrange baskets underneath as additional storage options.

You simply lock out the chaos behind closed fronts – you probably already know the principle from the kitchen or bathroom. Choose a decorative dresser or sideboard that fits your decor. There is space here for everything that is not attractive enough to display or causes clutter. Tip: Here too, you can keep things tidy with small folding boxes, baskets or boxes .

If there is no more space on closed shelves or chests of drawers, use pretty boxes or baskets to make small things disappear. Stacked or in groups, they look very decorative on shelves or on the floor. A pretty basket for your wool blankets in the living room is also nice.

Instead of just using the obvious areas for storage in the living room, you can also take a closer look at your unused areas . Are there niches or corners without a specific function that you could use with a clever built-in solution or a tailor-made shelf? Even if you don’t have much space, you can at least integrate a storage basket here .

You may know them from the office: Containers with wheels offer plenty of space with compartments and drawers to store a wide variety of things. The highlight is that you can move them back and forth as needed and even move them from room to room. Ideal if you have a small living room !

Out of sight out of mind: Furniture with integrated storage space for the living room is so practical! Coffee tables, poufs, benches or sofas with this particular design can be opened to store things (e.g. cushions and plaid) inside. Most of the time you can’t tell at all. Of course, these organization buddies also come into their own in the bedroom and children’s room.

Do you have particularly high ceilings in your apartment? Fantastic, then just stack it up! A floor-to-ceiling shelf can create a beautiful design element and of course offers a maximum of storage space. With these ideas you can create more visual structure:

  • Use baskets and matching boxes.
  • Sort books by color: This looks more harmonious.
  • Between the useful and the practical, loosen up the picture with decoration, e.g. B. with vases or statues.
  • A high shelf looks more lively with plants.

Larger items disappear charmingly behind a decorative room divider. You can also set up a shelf with or without a back wall as a room divider and use it to cover unsightly corners. In this way, a shelf or cupboard that no longer fits the furnishings can be “magic away”. The room divider itself also offers plenty of extra storage space !

Have you always dreamed of a wide windowsill with seating? Then integrate it with a storage solution – win win situation! Because you can create a lot of space under a wide window sill with built-ins. In a pinch, a shelf or a matching chest of drawers will also work.

There is usually a yawning emptiness under stairs or sloping roofs. After all, it is difficult to find suitable furniture here. But this unused space offers a lot of potential for storage. You can usually place cupboards or narrow chests of drawers next to each other at different heights.

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