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TUKA was founded in 2020 by Mehmet Ersin Kocak and his co-founder. Mehmet had previously worked as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company. As such, he brings a decade of experience in not only advising the top management of leading eCommerce and Logistics companies globally, from Europe, Asia, MENA to North America, but also building from scratch and transforming eCommerce and Logistics companies across the world.


During this time, he was continuously looking for innovative eCommerce experiences and inspiring online shops at affordable prices, but it was always in vain when it came to eCommerce furniture. The lack of satisfying end-to-end furnishing experiences and the importance of the home became even more obvious during the COVID-pandemic. Thus, he founded one himself. TUKA is now present across 7 Emirates in the UAE, generated multi-millions in revenue and is the leading end-to-end eCommerce furniture company in the UAE. Our customers love TUKA!


TUKA is your curated stylish home in 1-click

TUKA is your “curated stylish home in 1-click” making a stylish home accessible to anyone in 1-click: “Affordable, fast and hassle-free,” and inspiring you with the newest trends, styles, stories, brands and products from the world of Home Furniture. 


Just like everyone can change hot water into a tasty tea with the right herbs, your house or apartment can become a beautiful and stylish home with the right furniture and accessories: A trendy couch with pillows, an armchair, lamps, a coffee table and wall decoration.
To make your house or apartment a beautiful and stylish home!


With enthusiasm, passion, guidance and perseverance the team is building the leading online Home Furniture brand in the UAE.


For Imane Mesfar, Co-Founder of TUKA, and as architect who has designed the most outstanding and luxurious buildings across the world the passion and purpose are the core drivers:


“I founded TUKA because I want to reinvent the furnishing experience, making a stylish home accessible to anyone: Affordable, fast and hassle-free! Everyone should be able to live in a beautiful and peaceful place that is their home.”