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Terrace & Garden Design in 10 Easy Steps

Are you looking for beautiful ideas for your garden and terrace? Then let our interior and garden design experts from TUKA inspire you. Having your own outdoor area with beautiful plants is pure luxury – especially in the big city. Our interior and garden design experts will give you valuable tips on how to plan and decorate your terrace and garden. Realize your very own patio and garden dream in just a few steps!

Of course, the perfect terrace also includes the garden. No matter whether you are a garden beginner or an experienced hobby gardener: When designing your garden, there are a few points that you should definitely keep in mind! Because with the right planning, you can create a real green oasis of well-being in no time . We have listed the most important points for you and will guide you to the perfect garden in 10 steps!

1. Make a sketch: A beautiful garden design needs to be well planned! So make a scale sketch of your property in advance. When planning your garden and selecting plants, be sure to take the site conditions and lighting conditions into account.

2. Choose a style: Then think about the style in which you want to redesign your garden. Here you can let your creativity run wild. However, the overall picture looks more harmonious if the garden decoration matches the concept of the house. Also: Less is more! Because too much decoration can quickly appear overloaded.

3. Select plants: The plants should be suitable for the location and of course you like them too. Color, height, flowering time and care requirements should be taken into consideration. Many different types of plants make your garden a paradise.

4. Collect ideas: Always keep your eyes open for inspiration and ideas for garden design. Because no matter whether in magazines, on a walk through the city or simply taking a look at your neighbor’s garden: there are great ideas everywhere!

5. Create a vision board: Write down all your collected garden ideas, suggestions or even wishes and dreams on a pin board or on a cardboard box. This way you can see everything at a glance and see what would go well together.

6. Design a concept: Think about a concept that takes into account the desired design, your budget and the size of your outdoor area. This gives you a realistic plan that is just waiting to be implemented. If you like, you can of course also call in horticultural or landscaping experts to carry out the work. Be sure to check their references!

7. Terraces and seating areas: It’s best to create several seating options in the garden and on the terrace so that you can relax. High-quality garden furniture is styled into an outdoor living room with textiles, parasols or decorative lighting.

8. Lighting: When designing the garden, it’s just as important indoors – the more lighting, the better! So it’s very comfortable here even in the evenings. Accent lighting for special plants, paths or walls is combined with lighting above or next to seating.

9Care and sustainability: When in nature you should also think about nature! For example, use water-saving irrigation systems, choose robust and native plant species and rely on solar energy. Regular garden maintenance is an absolute must.

10. Garden decorations and accessories: There is a lot of variety to decorate your garden. Whether sculptures, beautiful textiles, candles in lanterns, garden figures, bird houses or plant pots – the choice is yours.

garden design

The most important step in garden design is probably sketching your plans. Because here you have to think about what you want to use your garden for. There are numerous ways to do this: Do you want to plant vegetables? Grilling, reading and relaxing outdoors? Or create space for the children to play and run around? Depending on this, you should structure your garden accordingly.

Ensure a harmonious overall impression

You should definitely not neglect a balanced ratio between planted and open space. This ensures a harmonious overall impression. Also use round shapes whenever possible – this makes your garden visually very lively and natural . If you want to play with the depth effect, you should take this into account when planting. Small gardens, for example, benefit from planting light plant species at the back and dark ones at the front. With large gardens it is exactly the other way around.

The most important elements of garden design

Also integrate all the important elements of garden design into your sketch. In addition to the beds, the fence construction and the lawn, this also includes the garden paths. Because these not only serve a practical purpose, but should also look good. Regardless of whether it is curved, curved or straight: what counts here is what you personally like best. If the path is used often, we recommend paving or slabs  as the material. However, side paths can consist of gravel or grit.

Garden figures and sculptures as well as swimming ponds or garden ponds also bring a magical atmosphere to the outdoor area. If you have space, you can add or build a pool on the lawn. Some models are even available for inflating, so you can find the right pool for even the smallest garden. Children also particularly enjoy a sand pit or a tree house. If possible, you can easily build this yourself. A pergola pavilion and the she shed are also popular ideas for garden design and are currently very trendy!

The best place to store garden tools and accessories is in a garden shed . You can also store the garden furniture cushions here. Or you can set up the garden house as additional living space . By the way, the privacy screen in the garden should also be a decorative element! Above all, a natural privacy screen made from plants such as ivy, hedges or wood looks particularly beautiful.  Or you can protect yourself from prying eyes with a few potted plants . They also create cool accents in colorful planters.

It’s very similar to our interior design: If you want to redesign your garden, you have lots of design options. From natural to minimalist: We briefly introduce you to our favorite garden design styles:

  • Cottage garden:  English-style garden design is particularly popular with nature lovers! The wild and romantic look of the natural gardens simply creates an absolute feel-good atmosphere.
  • Japanese Garden: Do you love the Far Eastern style? Then stones, sand and water should definitely not be missing in your outdoor area. Japanese decoration is also a real must-have!
  • Feng Shui Garden:  A place of peace and relaxation. A lot of positive energy flows in a Feng Shui garden, allowing us to forget the stress of our everyday lives in no time.
  • Modern garden:  In this style, the design is rather minimalist. The individual areas are clearly divided, with subtle colors and geometric shapes taking center stage.
  • Luxury garden: Do you have plenty of space available? Then you should definitely choose high-quality lounge furniture in trendy designs plus elegant plants! With a pool it becomes particularly luxurious.
  • Design garden:  Aesthetics and minimalism, on the other hand, make up the design garden. Similar to the modern garden, it’s all about clean lines.
  • Mediterranean garden:  A garden in the Mediterranean style guarantees that holiday feeling at home. Thanks to warm colors like terracotta, we can easily bring the Mediterranean charm home.
  • Zen garden: The best place to meditate and relax is in a Japanese-inspired Zen garden. The harmony of Yin and Yang combines here with green nature.
  • English Garden: We experience a blooming green oasis with a rose garden in the Wallerstein Gardens in the Swabian Alb. Get inspired!

Of course, the right garden furniture is a must for cozy hours with friends and family  . Some prefer wood for their garden furniture, others prefer metal or plastic. We think: Decide according to your personal taste and in keeping with the style of the rest of the garden !

High-quality garden furniture can take a beating, so it’s worth investing in weatherproof pieces . From the classic garden dining group to stylish lounge furniture to winter garden furniture for adding to the house – there are numerous design options for the dream garden.

Garden tables

The centerpiece of all meetings and  parties in the garden is the table. An extendable table is suitable for a larger celebration; a bistro table is also sufficient for smaller occasions. And there is a garden side table for the cozy bench under the apple tree. Are you planning a garden wedding this year ? You can also temporarily increase your furniture by renting it out.

Garden chairs

Of course, you also need a matching garden chair set for the table. The materials here are again diverse . To match the table, there is also metal as a base material for garden chairs, or you can choose plastic for your garden chairs if you prefer weather-resistant garden furniture.

When it comes to garden furniture, pay attention to the material, look and care. We present the most important materials in a short portrait.


Is a cozy garden the best thing in summer for you? Choose warm woods such as teak, oak, acacia or larch. The classic materials are suitable for a rustic ambience or a particularly natural living style. There are two different looks for wooden garden furniture : the classic brown “wood look”. Particularly suitable for a warm, cozy atmosphere. And the silvery-grey “patina look”. For the beach house flair in the outdoor area. Depending on the look, different care is recommended.

CARE: “for the wood look”
If you want to maintain the honey brown tone of your wood, you can use teak oil spray or other suitable wood oils. We recommend oiling wood three times a year: in spring, early summer and autumn before winter storage. For overwintering, it is best to store the furniture under a roof or cover it with a furniture tarpaulin.

“for the patina look”
UV light and weather create a silvery-gray layer on the wood surface, the patina. The patina look is on trend. To maintain a beautiful, evenly silvery layer, it is recommended to rub the wood at least once a year with the rough side of a scourer and warm water. The untreated wood can be left outside in winter without any concerns.

TUKA TIP: To see whether your wood needs care, simply check whether glass edges and food residue can be removed. If this is not the case, the wood needs care. If you want to remove the patina layer, you can simply sand it or treat it with teak cleaner. This will give you the original color again.


Wrought iron brings romance and dreaminess to the outdoor area. The delicate pieces of furniture are often reminiscent of the French flair of a street café. Iron furniture is also suitable for an industrial look – depending on the design. The heavy material holds up in wind and weather – there is no chance of it blowing away.

CARE: easy to care for! Clean the piece of furniture with a soft cloth soaked in mild soap and water.

TUKA TIP: Iron repels rust, but is not rustproof. It’s best to store it indoors over the winter. From time to time a color update may be necessary.


Do you like it stylish and modern? Then plastic is the right choice.  Plastic furniture is easy to clean and weatherproof.

CARE: You don’t need to worry about this. Clean it quickly and easily with soap and water.

TUKA TIP: Plastic chairs can be very comfortable even without a seat cover and have a cool look. Make sure the seat has a nice contour.


Do you love your outdoor lounge zone to relax in? Then we recommend furniture made of polyrattan. The urban & cool outdoor furniture is great for lounge corners. Polyrattan is a braided synthetic fiber. The material creates a truly relaxed atmosphere both indoors and outdoors.

CARE: You do not need any additional care for these easy-care materials. Simply clean it with mild soap and water.

TUKA TIP: Polyrattan furniture is available as loungers, loungers or outdoor beds. Combine the stylish designer pieces as you wish.


The lightweight material is suitable for outdoor areas that are used in a variety of ways. Thanks to its low weight, the patio furniture can be quickly moved around. Aluminum is often available in combination with wood or textiles. The styles range from classic and cozy to modern. Combined with stylish cushions, aluminum furniture becomes a unique key piece for the garden.

CARE: Aluminum is easy to care for. Clean it with soap and water.

TUKA TIP: Make sure the material has a powder-coated, UV-resistant finish and clean weld seams. Aluminum heats up in the sun. We therefore recommend using seat cushions.

garden design

In addition to the right furniture, you also need the perfect garden decoration! With it you give the outdoor area the finishing touch. Decorating also helps to design the garden in exactly the style you want. No matter whether modern, rustic or romantic : with a few pretty accessories your garden will be a real eye-catcher!

How about, for example, pretty plant pots, watering cans in trendy patterns or metal lanterns? Stones can also look very decorative. Would you also like to provide a stylish shelter for local birds? With the right bird house, the garden looks much more comfortable and has a homely flair. In winter you can also store homemade bird food there.

Our extra tip:  Garden decorations are also the perfect next garden gift idea  !

The heart of every garden are the plants that grow and thrive in it. For this reason, you should think about planting in the garden early on. You should definitely take the conditions at the location into account. Otherwise, you are free to choose: for example, create a pretty flower bed! If you like it even more natural, simply opt for an easy-care wildflower meadow . Butterflies, bees, etc. will also be happy about them!

But of course a green lawn should not be missing in the garden. Since it also needs to be well cared for, we have put together tips on how to properly scarify it. In general, there is always a lot to do in the garden: tasks such as cultivating the soil, trimming hedges, sowing plants, caring for trees and destroying weeds ensure that we as hobby gardeners never get bored! With the right garden care, nothing can go wrong!

Extra tip: Little time for gardening? Then discover our tips and information for an easy-care garden now!

Having your own vegetable garden is a real dream! Regardless of whether you just plant a few herbs to garnish your favorite dish or even decide to feed yourself: home-grown vegetables are not only healthy, they are also simply delicious!

It is also important that you take the location conditions in your garden into account. Because not every vegetable grows everywhere. The right time of sowing also plays a big role. Garden beginners are therefore best started with uncomplicated varieties such as onions or radishes. They require less care and fertilizer and grow even in difficult conditions. Herbs are always a great idea too! If you choose a herb spiral, you will also get a pretty element for your garden design.

A raised bed is particularly suitable for growing vegetables. This not only protects your back, but also offers optimal growing conditions for many plants. However, you should pay attention to filling the raised bed correctly. This means that the advantages of the design are used optimally. You can of course also find further tips on planting raised beds from us.

Regarding the raised bed: You can actually build it yourself quite easily! And in general, a garden is really ideal for anyone who loves DIY. Because you can not only let off steam creatively with garden decoration, but also with larger projects – for example when building a tomato house. This offers the plants optimal conditions to grow and thrive. They are also protected from typical plant diseases such as brown rot.

Are you more of a fan of flowers in the garden or on the terrace? Then try our DIY for building your own plant pot! With our instructions, you can create an individual flower box made of concrete in no time , which is also a real eye-catcher. If you prefer to start small, you can easily build a mini raised bed out of wine crates.

When designing your garden, don’t forget about lighting! Only through garden lights can gardens develop their very special and individual charm. Depending on what type of lights and placement you choose, this can create a wide variety of moods. Whether you prefer torches, solar lights, or LED garden lamps is a matter of taste. Make yourself really comfortable in the garden with a great lighting concept!

Also play with lighting trees and garden figures, lights along the side of the path and hidden lights between bushes and bushes. A mix of direct and indirect lighting creates a beautiful tension in the evening ambience. Or how about a nice lantern to decorate ?

Even a small garden can be designed wonderfully with true garden design. Because with simple tricks you can make the outdoor area appear much larger:

  1. Clear division: Divide the garden into different areas: a seating area, a play area for children, an area for special beds.
  2. Optical illusion: If you interrupt the view to the end of the garden, you visually create more space. Emphasize the sides of the garden with beautiful plants or various seating areas. A limit on the front side also makes sense.
  3. Simple decoration: When it comes to decoration, you shouldn’t place too many accessories, similar to a large garden. Rely on selected decorative elements that give the garden a feel-good character.

If you want to design a long, narrow garden, you should divide it into different zones in advance – using horizontal elements. Pergolas are suitable for this, as are individual trees and bushes. Even better: create height differences! For example, through steps, raised seats or raised beds. When it comes to garden paths, you should definitely avoid using dead straight paths. They only emphasize the length of the garden.

Garden design not only includes the planning and implementation of green spaces, plants and trees. The design of the terrace and balcony can also be included in the decoration. The design ideas should form a perfect symbiosis between the ideas for the terrace and balcony, the interior design of the house and the garden design.

Not lucky enough to have your own garden? Do you still want to enjoy the benefits of nature? Then we recommend an allotment garden! This also offers beautiful design options. Or maybe an indoor garden is enough for you? You can also easily grow herbs or super-healthy microgreens in the kitchen!

The same applies to the balcony or the courtyard: if you follow a few simple tips and tricks, you can  plant vegetables, herbs and flowers here too. This has even become an absolute trend under the term urban gardening! A so-called plant wall is practical: you don’t create normal beds, but use the area upwards.

Would you like to get started with patio and garden design right away? Then shop in our exclusive selection in the TUKA online shop. In any case, we hope you have fun designing and decorating your terrace and garden.

Garden Design with TUKA. Check our garden design ideas.


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