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yellow living room

The 5 best ideas for a living room in yellow

What is really good for our body and soul? Exactly, the sun! So it’s no wonder that a yellow living room radiates a lot of good mood and gives off a summer feeling. Very soft, really bright or a warm curry note: yellow makes your home shine. We will therefore show you the most beautiful ideas for the living room in yellow and reveal how the color actually works. Are you excited yet? Then have fun discovering! Let the sun into your four walls…

Yellow symbolizes the sun and is viewed as a deity in many cultures. It provides a lot of light and revitalizes body and soul. It also gives positive energy and is therefore ideal for the living room or dining room.

But not all yellow is the same. Pastel like a lemon or more mustard yellow – the bright tone offers numerous nuances, all of which have a different effect. Light tones such as pastel yellow or lemon particularly liven up the room and ensure stimulating communication . Intense, more muted shades of yellow such as curry, mustard or sunny yellow make us dream of warm summer evenings and convey an inviting and very cozy atmosphere.

Even in dreary weather, yellow creates a lot of holiday feeling in your living room . The warm tone appears incredibly comfortable and exudes pure joy of life. Yellow is therefore also ideal as a wall color. If you have a small living room, it’s best to use a light, perhaps even slightly pastel shade. This reflects a lot of light and visually enlarges the room.

On the other hand, a warm yellow tone radiates a lot of security – ideal in a large living room with light furniture . We will also show you which yellow tones are most beautiful for which room in our guide to yellow wall paint.

yellow living room

Sometimes clear and modern, sometimes very reserved and cozy – yellow can be used in many ways in your living room and appears completely different depending on the combination. All shades have one thing in common: yellow is always refreshing and is perceived as very pleasant by most people .

Whether you want the color to be the focus of your living room or just shine as a small accent is up to you. Because yellow helps you wonderfully when combining and makes numerous looks possible.

With its brownish undertone, mustard yellow harmonizes well with terracotta . The two warm nuances complement each other perfectly and radiate an incredible amount of cosiness. Combined with natural materials such as wood, the color mix brings a relaxed flair to your yellow living room . A gentle retro look that also looks magical in the children’s room or kitchen!

If your living room is predominantly gray, yellow decorative pieces are guaranteed to provide a breath of fresh air and a little more warmth. But gray furniture also looks great against a yellow wall – be it a chest of drawers or an armchair. Feel free to mix several shades of gray to create some tension.

This mix is ​​guaranteed to put you in a good mood and acts as a little energy booster every morning! The yellow tones down the often girly pink and the two blend wonderfully together. So that the overall look doesn’t look tacky, it’s best to choose a warm, sunny yellow . A great contrast to the pastel! The look is particularly great with delicate furniture and wooden floors.

A curry-colored sofa in front of a light blue wall – an absolute hit. This combination looks very elegant and refreshing at the same time. If you use the blue in the decorative elements , the overall impression will look really harmonious. This mix brings the sun and the sea into our four walls!

Decorative elements in warm gold nuances are a wonderful addition to your mustard-colored carpet or stool. Since both tones come from the warm color spectrum, they go perfectly together. This living room in yellow looks elegant, inviting and modern at the same time!

This combination reflects a lot of hygge feeling. A sofa in curry, natural materials and accessories such as cushions in soft cream or beige – your cozy and tastefully reserved living room in yellow is ready! Small golden details and green houseplants are also simply perfect.


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