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The 5 best ideas & tips for loft furnishings

Do you live in a stylish loft apartment? Absolutely enviable. A loft impresses with its generous living space that offers plenty of space for personal development. However, if you are still lacking creative ideas, our interior experts will be happy to help with their know-how. After all, rooms here flow seamlessly into one another, which is a real interior challenge. Use our tips for loft furnishings to ensure more style and comfort in your own four walls!

Did you know that the term loft comes from English and means something like attic or attic? The “loft” symbolically stands for a storage or industrial space that has been converted into an apartment. A loft usually covers the entire area of ​​one floor and is therefore open in design. XXL floor space, extremely high ceilings and hardly any partition walls that divide the area into individual rooms: these are the hallmarks of a loft apartment.


Loft apartments often impress with ceilings up to five meters high. So that you don’t get lost in the room, you should use exactly this height to your advantage. If you have high ceilings, a stylish gallery level can be built into the loft, which emphasizes the spaciousness of the apartment. In order to emphasize the three-dimensional character of your four walls, it is also worth focusing on the height. Large-format pictures, hanging seats or swings open up the height of your loft and exude a stylish ambience.

When furnishing your loft, you should decide on a consistent color scheme. You often have the entire room in view here. Too many colorful tones and wild combinations can quickly make the look of the loft appear overloaded and chaotic. The key to success lies in harmonizing nuances. The classic: a loft all in white – it looks very elegant, tidy and clean. 

Concrete and unplastered walls are now becoming socially acceptable again. Particularly in loft apartments, intentionally unfinished wall designs are considered stylish. This type of wall design doesn’t have to be in every area of ​​the loft; you can also use it as a highlight.

Loft apartments mostly have no walls. Most of the time only the bathroom is shielded from the rest of the living area. So that you can visually divide your loft into different areas, you don’t have to build walls straight away. As a result, the typical loft character would be completely lost. Instead, use partition walls! Room dividers made of glass and steel conjure up a homely character in your four walls in no time and separate the living and sleeping areas like a wall. In open living concepts, the charm is not lost and different areas of life can still be demarcated.

A loft often has well over 100 square meters, but is still sparsely furnished. Smooth walls, hard floors and large windows also create a lot of reverb. To ensure that the sound refracts more often and does not echo too much in your home, home textiles are essential. Whether curtains, cushions, carpets or blankets – textiles are the be-all and end-all. On top of that, they also create an atmospheric ambience. But large plants, books, accessories or pictures also prevent the acoustics in the loft from being too loud.

Meter-high shelves that reach to the ceiling, a rustic sofa in a timeless Chesterfield design and a massive dining table where all your loved ones can sit – a loft thrives on eye-catching furniture. Interior pieces made from natural materials with industrial charm impress in free living space and can be stylishly integrated into the modern design of a loft. An extra-long table with up to ten chairs and an ostentatious pendant lamp above it are an eye-catcher in every loft apartment. In our exclusive selection here on TUKA you will find stylish loft furniture that will beautify your space and ensure a real feel-good atmosphere.

The open kitchen can also be easily separated from the dining area with a wooden “kitchen island”.

Tip: Furniture made from pallets is also ideal for industrial style and lofts. Whether for beds in the bedroom or a chilled out sofa – be creative!

Smooth walls and a floor with a concrete look can quickly seem very cool and uncomfortable. Nevertheless, restraint is the order of the day when decorating the loft apartment. Even if the large area tempts you to decorate excessively, less is definitely more here!

Place selected home accessories selectively and showcase the individual pieces effectively. Also make sure that the decoration in the loft is not too small. Tall floor vases, large murals and opulent sculptures are particularly suitable. Targeted light sources ensure a harmonious overall picture – we recommend indirect light, which provides warmth. Large industrial style floor lamps are ideal . With fluffy carpets you not only keep your feet warm, but you can also visually separate individual living areas in the loft from each other.


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