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The 7 most beautiful room divider ideas

Room dividers and screens made of wood are not only practical, but are also a big trend – especially in lofts or 1 bedroom apartments. No wonder! Especially in large cities, many living spaces are rather limited and you would like to clearly define some areas even in a small apartment. 

If possible, you don’t want to have to see the desk from your bed. Smart room separation is also required in a (shared) children’s room or a living room with a kitchen. Whether it’s a fixed room divider or a mobile screen, the options are endless, so there’s a suitable solution for every room. With the room divider ideas from our interior experts, you can create wonderfully functional order in your four walls. Get inspired!

One of the many room divider ideas is shelves. A shelf can be stylishly integrated anywhere in your four walls as a room divider. It immediately gives the room a homely flair and you can showcase beautiful decorations in the room dividers in a fabulous way. Of course, a shelf also offers practical storage space. Tip: Do not overcrowd the compartments so that there is no clutter for the eye. Generous shelf room dividers offer you a lot of space with open compartments that you can use for decoration in a stylish way!

Plants as room dividers are an impressive idea to make your living space appear larger and to conjure up some freshness in the room. Especially in combination with wood, the green of the plants has an invigorating effect and creates a beautiful ambience and a lot of coziness. You can use stylish planters.

These plants are suitable as room dividers:

  1. Spider plant:  It copes with light, but also with shady locations. It is also very popular because of its air purifying properties.
  2. Lucky Feather : The plant feels at home anywhere – even in the middle of the room, without a window. And the name alone is a joy!
  3. Bow hemp:  A well-known shade plant – it also likes light, but tolerates low-light conditions without any problems and is well suited for medium to high privacy protection.

Fantastic wooden partition walls separate your living room from the rest of the apartment. The special thing about this wooden room divider is that you can use the interior piece flexibly and reorient it again and again. If you are more into exotic elements, a model made of bamboo is perfect for you. Several rows of bamboo are attached to each other to form an Asian-inspired wooden room divider. This airy room divider doesn’t necessarily serve as a privacy screen, but rather to divide two areas.

A sliding door is easy to install in an opening and is very popular for this. A glass wall, on the other hand, is ideal for separating niches. You can easily separate the living and dining areas or separate the bedroom from the living room without much effort. A beautiful wooden sliding door with glass inserts can also be used as an effective room divider in your home with a string of lights. Create another decorative wall in the room.

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When it comes to room dividers, the absolute classic cannot go unmentioned. Screens are real all-rounders and can be flexibly assembled and dismantled. The timeless functionality of the foldable three-part divider makes this room divider so popular. Models made of modern and elegant wood make the room look both classic and modern. Simply choose the model that suits your living style. Original patterns, such as flowers, are real eye-catchers. As well as a simple version made of bamboo. Room separation at it’s best!

Trend: wooden room dividers Who doesn’t know them? The typical Shoji screens. A decorative room divider in a wooden lattice look, which is covered with thick paper and is Japanese-inspired. The classic three-piece suit also makes the hearts of interior fans beat faster with the right design. Wooden models are also a stylish way to separate rooms.

The solution with a curtain is wonderfully easy and simple . The option is particularly suitable for openings and any place where a suspension can be easily attached. With the curtain you can easily decide for yourself how transparent or opaque it should be.

We already know the shelf as a room divider option. But the back of a sofa, dressers, cupboards and display cabinets can also serve as room dividers. Need help dividing your space? Our TUKA Collection experts will be happy to advise you and develop an individual room concept for you! Simply click on the banner and book your consultation appointment directly online.

If you are particularly creative, integrate stylish room divider curtains made from plants into your living room. We recommend decorative macrame plant hanging nets as accessories. That’s how it’s done:

  1. Mount the curtain of hanging plants on the ceiling. Where you want to separate the room into a separate section.
  2. To ensure that the room divider hangs securely, you should attach the object with special dowels and hooks – get advice from your hardware store.
  3. Fill the containers with various herbs or green plants of your choice. Hanging plants look particularly beautiful.
  4. Make sure you place the curtain where the plants will receive enough sunlight. This way your plants can grow beautifully and create your own individual plant curtain.
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