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Wall color in the living room: 9 ideas, trends and best tips for combination and effect

The living room is one of the most important rooms in your home. Here you can relax, read a book, listen to music or meet up with friends. Here you spend your free time and recharge your batteries. For this reason, a soothing and cozy atmosphere in the living room is incredibly important. But it’s not just the furnishings that make you feel comfortable in this room. In addition to furniture and decoration, the color of the walls in the living room also plays an important role. In this guide, our interior experts will tell you everything you need to know and show you the most beautiful looks. Get inspired!

Which wall color fits in your living room always depends on the size of the room and the incidence of light. If the room is rather small and not flooded with light, you should avoid dark wall colors. These make the room appear smaller and narrower, which reduces your feeling of comfort. In small living rooms, opt for light wall colors that visually enlarge and brighten the room. However, you can design a large, spacious living room with dark colors. They make your four walls more comfortable and look modern and elegant.

The living room is the center of the apartment and the perfect room to have fun with your wall color. Are you still looking for inspiration for the right wall color in your living room? Then here are the most beautiful looks and ideas for you:

Warm wall colors range from bright red to friendly yellow to soft beige or sandy tones. These colors radiate a certain warmth and make your living room more cozy. Warm colors provide a good basis for turning your living room into a cozy retreat.

Pastel tones are ideal for everyone who doesn’t want strong tones but doesn’t want to miss out on warm colors. They look light and subtle on your living room walls and exude a touch of freshness in the room. It is best to combine it with furnishings in light tones. Or you can match the furniture and decoration to the wall color and choose the furnishings from the same color family. Particularly popular pastel colors in the living room are delicate old pink , apricot or cream.

The trend color terracotta is a natural-looking, warm color and also finds its place in the living room. Since it exudes a Mediterranean flair, it makes the overall picture appear cozy and homely in no time. You can combine terracotta-colored walls with similarly warm colors, such as orange and red, for a tone-on-tone look. Or you can create exciting contrasts with cold colors such as blue and green. The wall color looks particularly elegant in combination with natural materials and light details in beige and cream.

The natural tones of beige , brown and sand also look good in the living room. Particularly light nuances create a pleasantly friendly atmosphere. Darker tones, on the other hand, have a calming effect and radiate warmth and security. Your living room will be particularly modern if you combine the warm natural colors with natural materials and dark wood. Light upholstered furniture and textiles that match the color scheme of the living room skilfully round off the look.

By the way, super colorful decorations go well with this:

Yellow wall paint looks friendly and gives your living room a sunny look. So that this eye-catching color doesn’t steal the show, we recommend keeping the rest of the furnishings simple. White or gray furniture in particular looks harmonious. But details in gold also support the warm look. The color combination with light pink is also particularly elegant. Nothing stands in the way of a cozy, feel-good atmosphere here!

The wall color gray is currently very trendy. This non-color appears neutral, but at the same time noble and is absolutely timeless. It is less sterile than white and is therefore a good, neutral alternative. It also fits any interior style and can be combined with almost any other color.

With light gray you create the perfect basis for any color combinations in the interior. This wall color is friendly and subtle, so you can highlight other colors perfectly. Light accents in particular benefit from this. But dark colors also look super modern and chic in combination with light gray walls. Bright colors such as red or blue, for example, stand out even more against light gray walls. You can create visual harmony with subtle tones such as pink. Light-dark contrasts through dark wooden furniture also look particularly beautiful.

Anthracite is also a very popular color in the living room, as it quickly makes the overall picture appear noble and elegant. Since this wall color is a dark shade of gray, it is more suitable for large, light-flooded rooms. It’s best to combine the dark gray color with wooden furniture and green plants. They give the rather cool nuance the necessary warmth and loosen up the ambience a little. Or you can work according to the tone-on-tone scheme: combine furniture, decorations and accessories in different shades of gray with the anthracite-colored wall and create a harmonious overall impression.

Tip: Black wall paint in the living room is a little harder, but just as elegant and noble . Do you dare? You can find out how best to integrate these into your facility in our article!

With a fresh look in your living room, you can create a cozy retreat where not only you but also your guests will feel incredibly comfortable.

A fresh mint green on your walls makes your living room look like spring. Thanks to the pastel undertone, the nuance radiates calm and security at the same time. When combined with other pastel colors such as cream and pastel pink, the freshness of the wall color is further enhanced. But bright colors such as yellow or orange also underline the effect of the trend color particularly well. Combine accessories made of wood and rattan and exude a pleasant natural feeling.

The trendy color petrol not only provides stylish accents in our wardrobe. When it comes to wall design, wall color is also absolutely popular at the moment! Since it is one of the dark colors, you should not paint all the walls of your living room in petrol for now. Otherwise the room can quickly appear too dark and oppressive. It is best to combine light furniture in beige or sand tones as well as details in elegant black. In addition, individual accents in yellow simply look great with the azul color.

A living room with walls in pink tones is feminine, romantic, but by no means too kitschy . Especially the combination with white or beige makes the delicate pink look harmonious and elegant. The overall picture appears modern if you add black accents to the furnishings. But gray details also fit perfectly into the romantic ambience and skilfully round off the look.

wall color in the living room

Dark green living room walls look elegant and, above all, extravagant. They give the room depth and, with the right furnishings, can either appear natural or shine with an elegant look. For a natural look, combine the green wall color with wooden furniture and brown details. You can achieve an elegant, modern look with black and white and details in gold or silver as well as velvet covers.

living room wall colors

You definitely can’t go wrong with the combination of dark furniture and white walls. But other light wall colors, such as beige, cream or sand, also appear less sterile in comparison and create a cool light-dark contrast. If that’s too monotonous for you, you can set accents with decorations and home accessories in bright colors. Or you can highlight your dark furniture with a bright wall color. Bright nuances such as yellow or green not only create a fresh feeling in your living room. They also make your dark furniture stand out visually.

The living room is a very communal space in which you receive guests. Nevertheless, the choice of wall color in the living room should first correspond to your taste and reflect yourself and your style. For example, do you like your home to be warm and cozy? Then you should stay away from cool colors like blue. Unless you counteract this with the right setup. Just like your own taste, the existing design of your furniture also determines which wall color you should paint your living room in. Colorful, massive furniture and accessories are perfectly presented in front of neutral walls. Bright walls, on the other hand, should then be combined with reserved pieces of furniture.

Wall paints for the living room should ideally be free of harmful substances. After all, you spend a lot of time in this room. And it’s not just allergy sufferers who are affected when toxic substances, such as organic solvents, are contained in the wall paint. These can cause, among other things, headaches and nausea. For this reason, always choose environmentally friendly, low-pollutant wall paints. The “Blue Angel” environmental seal is a reliable guarantee of this.

  • Light , warm colors are particularly suitable for dark, small living rooms as they brighten the room and thus visually enlarge it. If white seems too cold or sterile for you, light pastel tones or beige are a nice alternative.
  • It doesn’t always have to be all walls! Pick an accent wall and paint it a bold tone. Leave the remaining walls in a neutral wall color, such as white or cream.
  • Striped patterns are also a nice idea to make your walls unusual. They also visually enlarge the room.
  • Or how about a casual ombré look ? A flowing color gradient on the wall is currently absolutely popular and gives the room an extra dose of depth.

A successful living room design doesn’t just involve the wall color. Why not give the living room a new look with color-coordinated accessories and textiles? In our TUKA online shop you will find many decorative items and home accessories in all color schemes. Browse through our range and get inspired! We hope you enjoy shopping, furnishing and decorating.

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