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Making a beautiful home accessible to everyone and anyone!


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Home textiles for every living space

In the household, we come across home textiles in every living space – whether these are the drying sheets in the kitchen, the bed linen in the bedroom, the curtains in the living room or the towels in the hallway, it basically doesn’t matter. The main thing is that we have home textiles at home that make our living beautiful and cozy!


Home textiles in the bedroom

Bedding: We would probably be quite cold in bed without bedding, because pillows and duvets keep us warm when we make ourselves comfortable in bed. Without all the bedding we would be cold and certainly not have such a pleasant night.

Mattress: But not only the bedding is the only home textile in bed, but also the mattress! The choice of mattress depends on various factors and varies greatly from person to person.

Bed linen: The bed linen includes the covers for pillows and duvet, as well as the fitted sheet. These home textiles protect our bedding and mattresses from sweat, dust and dander. At the same time, they maintain hygiene in bed as they can be removed and washed. The look of the bed linen largely determines the look of the bed!

Skins: Skins or imitation fur are particularly popular in the bedroom. When you get out of bed, you immediately feel a pleasant and very fluffy warmth under your feet and have a pleasant feeling immediately after getting up. But it’s not just the beautiful feel that makes these home textiles so popular, but also the look, because fur itself has a wonderfully warm look and beautifies our bedrooms.


Home textiles in the bathroom

The most important home textiles in the bathroom are of course hand towels, bath towels and shower towels. But bath mats and bath rugs should by no means be ignored here, because they are also home textiles. The bathroom is often labeled as a clean wet room with a cold atmosphere, but if you decorate and furnish this room with home textiles, the effect is that you feel much more comfortable in the bathroom and enjoy spending time here. Without home textiles, our home would not be the way we imagine it and how we feel comfortable here! Because without curtains, bed linen, carpets and towels it probably wouldn’t be possible to live so pleasantly and wonderfully comfortably.


Textiles in the living room

The living room often serves as our retreat in the evening, where we can relax and read a book or watch our favorite TV show. A feel-good atmosphere is a must here and this can only be achieved with home textiles. Furniture is the basis of our interior design, but it’s the cozy accessories that really make the room an oasis of relaxation and peace. But in the living room, the home textiles are by no means bedding such as mattresses and duvets or towels, but rather the following cozy living companions:

  • Curtains and drapes: The pretty decoration on the window not only ensures comfort thanks to its patterns and colors, but also the desired privacy in the living area. In the evening the lamps in the room are switched on so that you can look into the living room from outside through the illuminated windows. Home textiles such as curtains and drapes protect us from unwanted glances and give us the peace and security we desire.


  • Carpet & Runner: So that you don’t have to put your feet on the cold floor when you get up from the warm couch, we recommend a carpet under the coffee table. Pile, cotton and fur are very popular materials for carpets and provide warmth and coziness to match the couch area.


  • Pillows & Blankets: What would our couch be without pillows and blankets? In any case, it would not be the cozy retreat that it represents with the home textiles. A cover or bedspread can give your sofa a new style, and pillows are also a wonderful decoration in terms of style and design. Together with cuddly blankets or a fur cushion, they make the sofa wonderfully cozy and inviting.


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Making a beautiful home accessible to everyone and anyone