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Sectionals or corner sofa material: Pay attention

You are free to choose from various materials: real leather, imitation leather, velvet or a fabric sofa, each cover has its own individual properties and advantages. We show an overview of which material suits your couch:

  • Material: Easy-care, hard-wearing, soft, warming, varied, partially removable
  • Velvet: trendy, cuddly soft, many color variations, noble, eye-catching, robust
  • Imitation leather: Inexpensive, authentic leather look, uncomplicated, easy-care, robust, suitable for families
  • Leather: Breathable, unique, adapts to body temperature, hardly absorbs odors, easy to clean, durable


Covers made of microfiber are very hygienic and are therefore particularly suitable for people who are allergic to house dust. The synthetic fibers are tightly woven, making it difficult for dust and dirt to get inside the upholstery.

From small to big: the different sectional or corner sofa sizes

Whether free-standing or placed close to the wall, sectionals or corner sofas fit into any room. In our selection you can find a model for every need. Regardless of whether you are looking for an upholstered corner with a sleeping function, a Chesterfield corner sofa, a comfortable small corner couch or an entire living area. Small individual sofas are often conveniently equipped with an integrated feel-good corner and offer an additional seat if there are many visitors. If your favorite series is on TV, you can make yourself comfortable on the sofa facing you and put your feet up. Coffee tables also offer the necessary space for all kinds of delicacies.

Sectional or corner sofa bed: Practical multi-seater with useful additional functions

Upholstered furniture such as a corner couch is primarily used for family gatherings and forms the focal point of the living room. But a sectional or corner sofa can do even more – there are a variety of equipment options and useful additional functions that turn your sofa bed into a bedroom.

  • With a bed function: A sofa in extra large usually has plenty of space when it is used normally to spontaneously offer guests a place to sleep. If your sofa is smaller, this feature will come in handy. The backrest can simply be folded down to enlarge the lying surface. Your L-sofa becomes a guest bed.
  • With bed box: A sofa with a bed box is a true miracle of storage space. The box is usually hidden under the seat cushion and can be pulled out with a flick of the wrist. Your corner couch offers space for blankets, pillows and other treasures. Mattresses are not required.
  • With armrest shelf: What could be nicer than reading a good book on the sofa with a cup of coffee or tea? And that’s where your new corner couch comes into play – because many models have built-in practical multifunctional armrests that serve as mini shelves. They can be used as shelves for books, cups, remote controls etc. and replace an additional coffee table.

Matching accessories for decoration

Before you buy your sofa, you should think about the color of your new piece of furniture. Based on the style of your sectional or corner sofa, choose the design for the rest of the furniture and accessories. A extra large sectional or corner sofa in orange made of woven fabric is one of our absolute favourites. So that the overall picture does not appear too severe with this eye-catching statement piece, you can loosen it up with sofa cushions in light cream tones or an original coffee table. Dark, muted colors such as gray, brown, black or anthracite usually cause the corner couch to look too powerful and bulky. Especially if the room is not sufficiently lit or is a bit smaller, the room looks a bit more depressed than it really is with a powerful model or living area. You should also be careful with colorful and loud nuances. The items in the room should be chosen in soft tones, so that a harmonious room image is created and your model in purple, or in another bright color, is the center of attention.

Stylish looks with our sectionals or corner sofas

Create exactly the look you want for your living room, guest room or study with your new sofa. It’s easy with the right accessories: we have three possible looks for your sofa:

  • The “cool chic” look works perfectly with a corner couch: choose a corner sofa, stool and chairs made of fine velvet, for example in green, and combine them with a table in a marble look. Golden accents bring the special glam to your living room!
  • Do you like pure elegance? White corner sofas make your home shine with the “Natural White” look. Make the curtains and walls white to match. Wooden accents loosen up the bright style.
  • For the “ranch style” opt for a brown leather sofa in an L-shape. Desert colors such as red and orange bring the perfect country look, furs and plaids create cosiness. A faux leather armchair completes the room.

General style tips for sectionals or corner sofas

Because sectionals or corner sofas come in so many designs, the uses are endless. Depending on how you position the sofa in your room, it has a special influence on the atmosphere and the spatial effect. There are generally two options: On the one hand, as the name suggests, you can place your corner sofa in a corner. On the other hand, it can also function excellently as a room divider. In this variant, one leg of the sofa stands against the wall and the other part, the ottoman of the sofa, protrudes into the living room. For example, you can use the corner couch to visibly separate your work area or your reading corner from the living room area. If the separation by the couch is not enough for you, there is also the option of using a screen or a shelf as a room divider.

Useful tips: take care of the sectional or corner sofa

To ensure that your new favorite sofa remains attractive for as long as possible, you should definitely pay attention to the manufacturer’s care instructions and information. Here are a few general tips for cleaning and care:

Dirt and dust can be easily removed with the upholstery nozzle of a vacuum cleaner. Alternatively, you can use a normal clothes brush.

You should turn and shake out the cushions and upholstery of your L-sofa regularly so that they remain soft and full.

When removing small stains, use distilled water. Normal water usually contains a lot of lime, which leaves unsightly stains.

Genuine leather sofas can be cleaned with leather, saddle or curd soap, imitation leather can be cleaned with a damp cloth.


Making a beautiful home accessible to everyone and anyone