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Making a beautiful home accessible to everyone and anyone!

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TUKA NOW is UAE's #1 Online Furniture Store

As part of the esteemed TUKA brand, TUKA NOW stands out as the first pure online furniture store which offers a curated selection of individual furniture items. Discover the epitome of online furniture shopping with TUKA NOW, the leading destination for furniture enthusiasts in the UAE.

The Online Furniture Store reinvented by TUKA NOW

TUKA NOW is the first pure online furniture store in the UAE that reinvents the furniture shopping experience and brings unique furniture designs to the UAE.
As the first pure online furniture store in the UAE, TUKA NOW provides an exceptional customer journey, seamlessly integrating online and offline channels to reinvent the furniture shopping experience. TUKA NOW’s online furniture shop displays captivating videos and high-quality pictures to shop furniture from your home. TUKA’s social media accounts are designed to support your online furniture shopping with customer reviews, home stories and design advices.
TUKA NOW brings the online furniture shopping experience to your home by providing you free fabric samples prior to your purchase and supporting you in your decision process. Once you place your order, your furniture shopping experience seamlessly continues with notifications on your furniture delivery.
At TUKA NOW, creativity knows no bounds. Our state-of-the-art designs are meticulously crafted by globally talented interior designers. Each piece in the TUKA NOW collection is not just furniture; it's a work of art that brings sophistication and uniqueness to your living space.
Customer satisfaction is our priority at TUKA NOW, the leading online furniture store in Dubai. Our dedicated customer support team is ready to assist you with any queries, ensuring that your journey with us is not just convenient but also enjoyable. Connect with us digitally through various channels, including WhatsApp and our website's contact form.
Have inquiries about furniture dimensions, material samples, or anything else related to our extensive online furniture collection in Dubai? Our digital channels are here to provide prompt and personalized assistance, ensuring a seamless and informative shopping experience tailored to your unique needs.

Customers of our online furniture store TUKA NOW

TUKA NOW, the premier online furniture store, caters to a diverse customer base, including furniture enthusiasts who are passionate about creating beautiful homes, tech-savvy individuals seeking a seamless and user-friendly online experience, or dynamic individuals with busy lifestyles looking for efficient furnishing solutions, and expats relocating to Dubai in search of a reliable, stylish, and hassle-free furnishing for their homes.
Affordability-conscious shoppers appreciate our accessible premium designs, while design-conscious consumers value the curated designs by globally talented interior designers. TUKA NOW also appeals to environmentally conscious consumers who prioritize sustainability due to its local sourcing.
Our customers share a common appreciation for design, affordability, and experience, resulting in beautiful and comfortable living spaces.

Completely Online Furniture Shopping

Whether you're in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, or any other emirate, TUKA NOW is your go-to destination for the best online furniture shopping in the UAE. As a pure online furniture shop, TUKA NOW extends its reach to customers throughout the country.

Explore the wide-range of online furniture shopping with TUKA NOW

Live in a beautiful and stylish place that you call your home. TUKA NOW provides a diverse range of product categories, styles, and its own unique TUKA Collection to transform your living space effortlessly.

A furniture store with a wide range of products categories

Embark on an online furniture shopping journey with TUKA NOW, where our diverse product categories cater to a wide spectrum of needs:
Furniture: Immerse yourself in the world of online furniture shopping with our extensive collection, spanning modern, contemporary, classic, and eclectic styles. From a trendy couch to stylish armchairs and captivating wall decorations. TUKA NOW provides stylish designs to enhance your living space.
Textiles & Decoration: Elevate your online furniture shopping experience with our curated selection of textiles and decorations. Explore plush pillows, throws, and artistic decor items that add the perfect finishing touches to your interior.
Curtains: Compliment your space with our range of curtains that provide both privacy and aesthetic appeal.
Home Appliances: Find a wide-range of home appliances on TUKA NOW, ranging from premium to affordable brands and from large home appliance to small yet essential kitchen gadgets. All available in one store to allow for an hassle-free furnishing experience.
TUKA NOW your premier online furniture shop, grants you access to all your needs to furnish your home, offering different product categories from furniture, textiles & decoration, curtains to home appliances and much more..

Find a wide-range of different Styles on our Furniture Store

Define your look and vibe of your home by finding your preferred style on TUKA NOW, the premier online furniture shop in Dubai. Our carefully curated selection caters to diverse tastes, offering you the opportunity to transform your living space into a true reflection of your personality. Explore our extensive styles available:
Bohemian: Embrace a laid-back and eclectic vibe with our Bohemian collection. Dive into furniture and decor that celebrate artistic expression, vibrant colors, and a free-spirited aesthetic.
Modern: Immerse yourself in the sleek and sophisticated world of modern design. TUKA NOW's Modern collection features clean lines, innovative shapes, and contemporary pieces that bring timeless elegance to your home.
Rustic: Connect with the warmth and charm of rustic living. Explore our Rustic collection, where natural materials, earthy tones, and classic craftsmanship create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.
Classic: Embody timeless elegance with our Classic collection. Discover furniture and decor that exude refinement, featuring enduring designs that stand the test of time.
Cultural: Immerse yourself in diverse cultures with our Cultural collection. Experience a fusion of global influences, bringing a unique and worldly charm to your home.

Unique furniture designs with the TUKA NOW Collection

Immerse yourself in the world of the TUKA NOW Collection, stunning designs curated by global interior design talents. Our collection is a testament to the harmonious fusion of sophistication and creativity, where each piece reflects our unwavering commitment to style and quality.
TUKA NOW Collection: Making a beautiful and stylish home accessible to anyone is at the core of our mission, aiming to inspire you with every season and elevate your home's beauty. The heartbeat of this endeavor lies in our in-house collection—the TUKA NOW Collection.
Inspired by the rich diversity of nature, we craft a look that infuses modern freshness into your home. Our focus is on creating a blend of natural, cozy, and creative elements. Expect a captivating mix of organic and clear cuts, where artistic art details and architectural shapes provide an exciting contrast to the inherent charisma of our collections.
Picture futuristic plexiglass harmonizing with down-to-earth wood and ceramics in a handmade aesthetic, a color palette featuring muted nuances complemented by individual color accents. Anticipate high-quality materials, unique trend pieces, and a splendid selection of products that define the essence of the TUKA NOW Collection. Discover a curated range that transcends the ordinary, inviting you to elevate your living space with sophistication and unique design.

Why Customers Love the Online Furniture Store TUKA NOW?

Stylish: All furniture items are carefully designed, crafted and curated by a team of design experts to cater to different tastes.
Hassle-free: Forget the old furnishing 'drag' that lasts multiple weeks and involves picking, buying, moving, and assembling furniture. Instead furnish your home entirely with one-click.
Affordable: Thanks to the direct-to-customer approach, which eliminates the traditional showroom furniture retailers, TUKA is able to offer beautiful and long-lasting furniture sourced from manufacturers that furnish five-star hotels.
Fast: Your new beautiful furniture pieces are delivered fast to elevate the look and vibe of your home.


Making a beautiful home accessible to everyone and anyone