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vintage living room

The good old days: Best tips and inspiration for a charming vintage living room in 2024

Do you like to reminisce about times gone by? Then we have good news: The vintage style is just right for you when furnishing your living room! And it is also particularly charming and environmentally friendly. If you really want to know more, you should read on. Go for a vintage living room and let yourself be inspired by the styling ideas of our interior experts! Here you can find out how:

Vintage, retro or modern heritage? Nostalgic interiors have many facets, but what exactly is the difference between vintage and retro? They are both living styles that revolve around the past. Real pieces of furniture that were manufactured between 1920 and 1980 are referred to as vintage. Pieces from before, however, are called antiques. The retro style describes new furniture that takes up the shape and color of old designs.

A vintage chic living room exudes a touch of nostalgia thanks to its furnishings. Furniture and decorative elements come from the 20s up to and including the 70s and are based on tradition. This immediately creates a warm feeling of security within your four walls. Visually, the interior impresses with intentional signs of wear, which interior fans are already familiar with from the shabby chic look.

Floral furniture in the free, pompous Art Deco style is also permitted and welcome. If you don’t want to fully commit to the vintage style yet, you can start gently with a nostalgic country house style in the living room. Many vintage elements, such as decorations and opulent seating, are already an integral part of the furnishings here.

Simple and monotonous was yesterday! Because in the vintage living room, floral and graphic patterns provide inspiration and coziness. Stripes, flowers or circles – feel free to grab them! Colors such as ochre, petrol and gold in combination with brown further loosen up the room. And the materials are just as diverse: wood, stone, leather and metal dominate the rooms.

There are no limits to the shapes of vintage style furniture. Round and straight, everything is possible. Do you feel inspired by the vintage style for the living room and would you like to furnish your home in a very retro way? Then these key pieces have a lot of nostalgic inspiration for you:

  • The wing chair: This chair provided a lot of comfort in the good old living room back in the 1950s.
  • The kidney table: This can be used as a coffee table as well as a side table or flower table.
  • The rocking chair: The classic for cozy reading hours or a nap in the afternoon.
  • The secretary: Small wooden desks decorate the niche in the living room and are also an elegant visual highlight.
  • Stable chests: Whether as storage space or as a stylish coffee table replacement – they are always an eye-catcher.

Our trend tip: A velvet sofa in a classic vintage color!

People often eat in the living room or the dining room is at least right next to the living room. Of course, we also have setup tips for you:

  • A beautiful vintage wooden table
  • Matching real wood chairs, also vintage
  • A rustic sideboard

But it’s not just vintage furniture that is very trendy, as nostalgic chic accessories complement the style. So that the look doesn’t appear too kitschy, but rather elegant and stylish, it’s all about the right mix. The interior accessories of a classic living room include mantel clocks or wall clocks with a chime and an elegant serving trolley.

This is then equipped with crystal glasses and a matching water carafe. Retro carpets such as a Persian carpet or a long-floor carpet, on the other hand, create a feeling of coziness in your living room as vintage decoration . With several pillows, cozy blankets and lots of ruffles, you can give your vintage-style living room a personal touch and extraordinary charm. Feeling good is guaranteed here!

The vintage style leaves a lot of scope and can also be combined in a modern way. However, only rely on accessories, otherwise it will be too busy. Modern furniture would be too big a break in style.

If you want a real eye-catcher in your home, then patterned wallpaper is a must. They set the spirit of the times and immediately catch your eye when you enter. You can also create a vintage wall design with high-quality vintage living room pictures. Whether old photos or nostalgic motifs, whether colorful or in black and white – every interior lover will get their money’s worth here!

Table lamps like Grandma’s, ball pendant lights or seventies models in industrial style: light is decoration here. Therefore, you can choose eye-catching designs. Plus: More is more when it comes to numbers – table lamps, floor lamps and ceiling lights in vintage style are a must.

  • Make sure that your vintage pieces have similarities and do not look like a colorful potpourri of interiors.
  • In order to make your interior modern and stylish despite its nostalgic character, you should strive for strong material contrasts. Home accessories made of shiny copper or smoked glass mixed with wooden furniture are particularly popular.
  • Use decoration and interior pieces specifically to give your living room a beautiful vintage look. If you overdo it, the room can quickly look like a museum or a flea market.
  • Choose two or a maximum of three selected eye-catchers in vintage chic. This can be, for example, a comfortable wing chair, a side table and a chest of drawers that can accommodate your modern television.
  • Beautiful home accessories such as suitcase chests, vases made of colored glass or wall clocks with chiming bells skilfully round off the vintage look in your vintage living room.

Choosing a vintage living room has many advantages. We tell you why you should think about it:

  • Bring character into your home: The vintage style is an expressive style – and absolutely not run-of-the-mill. You also show personality with it!
  • Save money: The flea market bargains are calling! You can often get real vintage pieces cheaply. And the signs of wear don’t bother you at all, but rather underline the style!
  • Environmental friendliness: Buying less new things and reusing old items is known as the “upcycling” trend. This is how you live more sustainably!
  • Unique pieces: Some pieces of furniture from the flea market are only available once in this world. This way you bring individuality into your four walls.
  • Appreciate memorabilia: You might also be able to get one or two vintage pieces from your grandparents. Or it simply comes from a decade that you have memories of.
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