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Small sofa for small rooms: The 5 most beautiful ideas

Small rooms don’t have to be uncomfortable just because they lack a large sofa area. Even in small living spaces, a sofa can become an oasis of well-being. You can relax, unwind and entertain friends just as easily on a small sofa as on the larger models. Small sofas become eye-catchers in small living rooms if they have an unusual shape or an unusual color. In this article we will tell you what you should consider when choosing your small sofa for small rooms and how best to place and combine it. Get inspired!

So how do you choose a sofa for your small living room or small room? After all, the couch should be comfortable, offer space for lounging and cuddling, for relaxing, reading, watching TV and sitting together. But at the same time it must not overload the room or take up too much space. Don’t worry: you can have both – space-saving furniture and comfort. We’ll show you what you should pay attention to:

  1. First, think about what you need: How many people live in your apartment? Will you often have guests visiting and you would like to offer them a seat? Do you want a soft, padded sofa or a firmer and more supportive one? Whether you live in a small city apartment, are downsizing or simply want to furnish a small space, the idea is to adapt the sofa to your needs and create a functional and cozy space despite having little space.
  2. Measure the room and think about how much space your sofa can take up: The most important thing when looking for a sofa for small spaces is that you know the dimensions of both the sofa and the room. Before you buy a sofa, measure how big it should be so as not to overload your room. It’s not just about the length. Think about how high the backrest can be on the wall and measure how deep the seat can be. Also remember that you should leave some space between the seat and the coffee table – at least half a meter!
  3. Think about colors and materials: So that your small sofa fits in with the rest of your furnishings, you should think about the look. If you already have a clear idea of ​​what you want and need, you will find it more quickly. If you are unsure, talk to experts and get advice – we can also do this online in the TUKA Collection.

The good news straight away: There are small sofas in what are known as apartment sizes . These sofas are 73cm to 75cm wide, while ‘normal’ sized sofas are around 84cm wide. There are often popular models in different sizes. Discover our most beautiful models here.

small sofa
  • The look: The small Funk sofa has everything – it is simple and minimalist, narrow and straight-lined. The armrests and backrests are pleasantly low. It also stands on narrow feet and therefore looks elegant and even more airy.
  • Material & Color: Funk is available in a variety of materials and colors, so you’re sure to find a tone that fits your personal color scheme. Neutral tones work very well in a small room, which you can then combine with colorful cushions or accessories. But even in a bright color, the small sofa becomes a cool eye-catcher.
  • Combination options: Thanks to the simple design, the small couch fits into many different living styles. It fits great in a modern living room, but also in Scandi style or fluffy style.
room furniture
  • The look: The Sectional Posh is comfortable and practical, it can become an absolute highlight in a living room with a modern look. The straigh-lines, simple shapes make the sofa a great choice for small living rooms . The deep seat cushions may seem bulky at first glance, but the sofa has no buttons, structures, rivets, fringes or anything else that could disturb the visual calm.
  • Material & Color: The sofa is available in different colors and high-quality fabrics. Thanks to the neutral colors, the sofa can be easily matched with existing furnishings. But the trend piece can also bring color into your room.
  • Combination options: Above all, the sectional posh scores points with its functions. Comfortable seat cushions are an ideal place to rest and will retain their shape. One end of the sofa extends into a chaise – perfect for curling up during a movie night.
small sofa
  • The look: Yes, we warned above about armrests that were too wide and bulky, but Sofa Posh solves the optical trick particularly cleverly. Both the armrests and the backrests are low so that the eye can slide. In addition, the sofa has a rounded and simple design, so that it can be wonderfully integrated into a small room.
  • Material & Color: Sofa Posh is available in many different materials and colors. Discover your personal favorite option.
  • Combination options: Soft to the touch, stretch boucle fabric cover. Mid-firm seat, close to the ground, and deep-size fitter to sit down when you are resting and watching TV.
small sofa
  • The look: Sand is a real eye-catcher. The sofa is curved and bulbous but does not feel oppressive in the small space. The organic design allows the eye to glide seamlessly.
  • Material & Color: Sofa Sand is available in different colors made from high-quality velvet.
  • Combination options: You don’t have to miss out on an exciting statement piece when choosing a small sofa. The low backrest and the soft shapes ensure that the sofa fits well into the room. Because the design completely dispenses with armrests and only suggests them with the curved shape, it appears more open and lighter. In addition, the sofa stands slightly elevated on slim feet, so that it almost looks as if it is floating.
  • The look: Star is a real classic. The sofa is straightforward, timeless and simple. This means it fits perfectly into a classic, but also midcentury or retro living style.
  • Material & Color: Star is available in a variety of neutral colors as well as three bright shades that are ideal for retro style.
  • Combination options: Thanks to its simple shape, the Star sofa fits perfectly into any interior style. You can play wonderfully with colored decorative cushions to give your room a new look again and again.

To make your small room look stylish and cozy, we have collected the best tips and tricks from interior experts:

1. Focus on a color palette: Yes, even a small room can be decorated in bold colors, but combine tones from the same color palette.

2. Different lighting: Combine several light sources such as a hanging or pendant light with dimmable control and table and wall lights.

3. Bright wall design: You can give your small living room a clean, clear and modern feel and at the same time visually enlarge it by painting your walls in light colors.

4. Create an accent wall: Instead of overloading the living room with decor and accessories, focus on one wall. Here you can let off steam creatively, paint them colorfully or decorate them with decorations and pictures.

5. Use mirrors: Mirrors in the room make it appear larger. The reflection of the surface ensures that you can make your room more spacious.


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