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Furnishing a holiday apartment – ​​the best tips & tricks in 2024

The holiday season is about to begin, so it’s high time to add the right furnishings to your holiday apartment. Maybe you already have your sights set on a few chic pieces of furniture, but don’t really know what style you want to integrate in general? Our living experts are here to help you with all sorts of tips so that your holiday apartment exudes a relaxing holiday feeling and exotic living flair. 

To ensure optimal use of space, you should never furnish a holiday apartment without a concept. The first step is to ask yourself which target group you would like to address. Should your holiday apartment mainly accommodate adventurous families or be rented out to young globetrotters? Each target group has its own needs and the concept for your facility will vary accordingly. After all, only satisfied guests come back!

If you want to start furnishing your holiday home, the next step is to determine how many people the rooms should be designed for. If families with children are desired, we recommend pieces of furniture that are easy to clean. It is also important that certain safety precautions are taken so that small children do not get injured – edge protection, socket protection and fall protection are a must here.

Furnishing a holiday home starts with choosing a harmonious living style. If you are a fan of modern designs and want to offer a temporary home primarily to young travelers, rustic industrial chic or a Nordic Scandi style are very suitable. Both looks demonstrate your good taste. Young guests will feel completely at home here. A practical furnishing style with modern elements is ideal for families or older guests. But the timeless country house chic always looks good as a classic. No matter what living style you choose, with the right furniture and high-quality accessories you can create a real oasis of well-being that your guests will certainly be happy to recommend.

Let color speak! You can create a timeless character by working with warm, natural colors and an additional strong contrasting color that is repeated in different places.

A little extra tip: Include things in color that are already there and shouldn’t be changed! These can be, for example, doors and windows, but also floors and tiles.

You can give the overall picture a harmonious touch with linen curtains, roller blinds or large carpets. Depending on the furnishing style, typical patterns can also be integrated. Decorative pillows with a delicate floral pattern are suitable for a classic country house style. Clean Scandi chic, on the other hand, thrives on geometric shapes and a monochrome mix of patterns.

To ensure that your furniture survives for as long as possible and you don’t have to re-furnish your holiday home after every guest, you should invest in high-quality interior pieces. Leather, velvet, wood, metal, cotton and rattan are popular materials that can be easily combined with different interior design styles.

  1. The living room: A cozy sofa area on which the whole family can snuggle up in the evening is the centerpiece of your living room. Indirect light sources also create a relaxed atmosphere for relaxation.
  2. The bedroom: Regardless of whether it is a single bed, a double or a king size bed – the bedroom should be equipped with high-quality sleeping accommodation. A wardrobe provides the necessary storage space.
  3. The kitchen: So that your guests can cater for themselves in the holiday home, the most common electrical appliances are recommended. In addition to a stove including an oven, a dishwasher should not be missing, especially for families. A large dining table offers enough space for social gatherings.
  4. The entrance area: Shoes and jackets need to be stored well in the hallway. A small shoe cabinet and a coat rack ensure order and make the entrance area appear much tidier. A bench invites you to linger.
  5. The bathroom: Storage space is also required here. A sink cabinet or a narrow shelf are ideal for this. Small baskets offer additional options for storing odds and ends in style.
  6. Terrace & Balcony: In summer most of the time is spent outside. A garden set is a useful purchase so that your guests can make themselves comfortable on the balcony or terrace. Matching seat cushions and a parasol provide additional comfort.

The right decoration gives your holiday home that certain something. The rooms should, first and foremost, be practical. So hold back when decorating and don’t include too many home accessories. Personal decorations such as pictures of your family also make the living space seem too private.

Since plants need to be watered regularly and require care, they are not recommended for the interior of a holiday home. However, blankets and decorative pillows, pictures with still lifes or landscape motifs, sculptures or wall decorations are particularly popular. Textiles should be washed regularly so that every guest has clean blankets and pillows.

With these tips, your holiday apartment will become an interior highlight

  • Fact 1: Don’t skimp on quality! For a harmonious and inviting overall picture, new and contemporary furniture is the be-all and end-all. Make sure that the beds and mattresses are of solid quality so that your guests can start the next day relaxed!
  • Fact 2: A colorfully thrown together interior doesn’t really look good. With a high level of style awareness, your guests will remember the holiday apartment or holiday home well and may return.
  • Fact 3: Nothing beats comfort! Anyone who feels comfortable in their accommodation will come back or recommend it to friends and family. To stand out from the competition, you should score points with extra comfort. Relaxation in a relaxed atmosphere is very important here.
  • Fact 4: Who doesn’t know it – chic designer hotels score points with trendy furnishings, but storage space is completely ignored. This annoys the guests! Make sure that you provide enough options that your temporary residents can use for clothing, suitcases and other things.
  • Fact 5: If you also want to welcome families with children into your holiday apartment, your accommodation should be designed to be family-friendly. Certain protective mechanisms for small children are mandatory here.
  • Fact 6: Multimedia is a real must in a holiday apartment. Nowadays almost all travelers have a smartphone, tablet or laptop that they want to use while traveling. Individual charging stations and USB sockets are recommended here. A television is also always a good idea so that your guests don’t have to miss out on their favorite series while on vacation.

Are you unsure about furnishing your holiday apartment? Do you generally prefer to have a professional on hand? Then TUKA`s interior design service is a real help! With our creative furnishing tips you can create a place to relax and feel good – all from the comfort of your own home.

We are available to help you by phone and put together your shopping list tailored to your needs. Book your very own TUKA interior designer now and soon fall in love with your holiday apartment again. Your guests won’t forget your accommodation so quickly either.

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