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The 8 most beautiful shelves for the living room

Shelves in the living room have clear advantages: lots of storage space! This practical interior piece is also a true all-rounder. No matter what design you use this living room furniture in, it will always look good. Our living experts will tell you which living room shelf suits your living room. With our models and ideas you can create a visual highlight on your living room wall! Of course, you can also get the right pieces of furniture online at TUKA. Search and find your new living room shelf here!

Which living room shelves fit in my living room?

To choose your perfect living room shelf, the first questions to ask are: (partially) closed or open shelf? And standing shelves or wall shelves? Open shelves are particularly suitable for storing personal items or living room decorations in addition to books. They are also suitable for items that you often need to have on hand. If you want to store dishes or a very small hobby collection, closed shelves or display cabinets are recommended. This means that the items are protected from dust and dirt.

Standing shelves in the living room have the clear advantage of using every free centimeter in the room. Wall shelves, on the other hand, do not take up any space (on the floor). We present our highlights for all variants, here are our most beautiful bookshelves, wall shelves, hanging shelves, etc.:

shelves living room

A friendly, light wood look and a mix of hidden and open storage space – Calary hanging shelf is the right thing for all Scandi and country house living room fans! In black or dark brown, it also fits perfectly into a cool industrial living room. A versatile shelf that allows you to create practical storage space.

Our tip: Style it in the open upper area with beautiful decorations and stow less attractive everyday items for storage in the lower part behind the doors.

shelves living room

Our Renee shelf offers you a mix of wood and metal and a particularly modern shape. This makes the shelf particularly versatile and can be combined with any interior style. The tall and large version also offers plenty of storage space. But the wider, lower version is also ideal for lots of books, for example.

shelves living room

Black or white are not the only choices you have with the Neptune shelf. The series impresses with its purism in the form of metal and is available in five different shelf sizes. Create a common thread in your living room with the Neptune shelf in different sizes. With this storage space you can even save yourself heavy cupboards or sideboards. Whether as a bookcase, room divider or decorative standing shelf, its simplicity gives you all the options!

shelves living room

Whether made purely of metal or metal in combination with a wood look – the Seaford Zig series is a real eye-catcher thanks to its offset shelves! This series is just right in a modern or minimalist living room. Because each of these shelves gives the room something special without being too intrusive. In the wood look version, the models also provide a bit of coziness and warmth in the living room!

shelves living room

The metal shelves from the Expo series are particularly practical for small living rooms. Because the wall shelves offer space without taking up any space. The corner shelf, on the other hand, uses the often wasted free space in the corners. And even the normal standing shelf protrudes more into the sky than into the room!

shelves living room

Designer shelves impress with their unique look and are particularly suitable for a minimalist living room. Because only then do they come into their own! However, when it is full, its unique look is lost. The quality and high-quality materials such as solid wood also play a role. Our designer furniture highlight is the Portlyn bookcase with asymmetrical compartments!

shelves living room

Ladder shelves like the Wally model look particularly charming and give the living room an individual touch. They are often used for living room plants , but also other decorative accessories such as candles.

Our decoration tip: These shelves in the living room are not only suitable as practical storage space, but also look fabulous as indirect lighting. LED strip lights can be used to create a cozy atmosphere in your living area. These also save electricity, are extremely durable and are easy to install. But the indirect light of a classic fairy light, which you wrap around the side(s) of the shelf, is also an eye-catcher for decorating the shelf.

If you only need a small shelf, for example next to the sofa, the Nuria wall shelf is ideal. The puristic shape and the lacquered wood make the shelf a real all-rounder. All you have to do is decide on the right color for your living room.

Invented in 1949 and since then having won numerous design awards, the String shelf is practically a real celebrity. It impresses – typically Scandi – with its clear shape, simplicity and functionality. The practical shelving system made of wire ladders and shelves can also be supplemented with cabinet elements. An individually configurable standing shelving system was also developed to match the wall shelf.

A must for wine lovers: the wine rack in the living room! The shelves have a very elegant appearance and also represent a well-equipped apartment. Very exclusive! Particularly practical: The sideboard variant, which offers additional storage space for other utensils such as glasses behind closed doors!

shelves living room
shelves living room
  • Place small items such as charging cables, envelopes or candles on your shelf in boxes and baskets . Because both storage options provide a certain structure.
  • Books that you sort by color visually bring more calm to the full shelf. In addition, monochrome surfaces make the shelf appear more open and tidy.
  • Thanks to a system on the shelf, you can quickly find every book again. This means you can create subject areas and sort the books here alphabetically by author.
  • Every item has its own place – even on the shelf! If you no longer use an item, don’t just leave it on the shelf. Instead, sort it back to its original location.
  • Don’t forget to dust! Yes, a shelf in the living room also needs to be cleaned regularly. Taking everything down once a week and wiping it thoroughly with a microfiber cloth is therefore a must.
  • Before you overfill your free-standing shelves, expand them with suitable models, for example from the same series. This also looks very charming in the living room!
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