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Scandinavian style living room

Living room in a Scandinavian style: The 5 best tips & ideas

“Hygge” stands for the Danish attitude to life like no other word today. It is an attitude that can be transferred to all areas of everyday life. The Scandinavian living style is particularly important. Because living in Scandi style is always cozy, but still stylish and reserved. Perfect for any living room, which is, after all, the center of the home! On the one hand we want to relax here, but on the other hand we also want to sit together with guests. We’ll give you the best tips and living ideas that you can use to furnish your living room in a Scandinavian style. Get inspired!

Scandinavia is known for having very little light in winter – so Scandinavian style is all about light! The modern, functional living style scores with its friendly atmosphere, proximity to nature and a straightforward, simple design. And without appearing cold and uncomfortable. Other must-haves in the Scandi style living room include:

  • Bright colors and lots of light
  • Less is more – leave plenty of space
  • Wood and natural materials
Scandinavian living room
Scandinavian living room

The centerpiece of the hygge living room is a cozy seating area where everyone comes together. Because hygge also means sitting together with friends and family for a long time, eating, drinking and talking. We will therefore show you which five pieces of furniture you can use to furnish the Scandinavian living room:

  • large, comfortable sofa in a simple Scandinavian design is the first key piece here.
  • To create a cozy atmosphere with a communicative atmosphere, add two Scandi-look armchairs .
  • A few subtle, upholstered stools are the perfect addition to spontaneously create additional seating for guests.
  • In the middle of the circle, a large, round coffee table also offers enough storage space for drinks, snacks and a beautiful vase with fresh flowers. 
  • Closed wooden chests of drawers and sideboards give the living room a tidy overall impression.
Scandinavian living room
Scandinavian living room
Scandinavian living room

Warm candlelight is essential for that hygge feeling at home. Therefore, distribute large candles in glasses and simple candle holders. But lanterns and tea lights also radiate Scandinavian cosiness perfectly. When it comes to lamps, some of today’s most popular designs come from Denmark . For example, Poul Henningsen designed the well-known PH lights, which impress with their straight-line design.

Provide indirect lighting that makes you feel good with several simple, functional lights in the living room . A classic floor lamp with a round lampshade, for example, creates pleasant light in the corner. A dimmable model, on the other hand, is ideal as a ceiling lamp and sets modern design accents at every brightness level.

Scandinavian living room
Scandinavian living room

It’s not just the lighting that plays an important role in the friendly overall impression. If you want to furnish your living room in a Scandinavian style, you should also use light colorsWhite, beige, gray or even pastel colors are perfect. These can also be perfectly complemented with each other. For example, combine a white living area with subtle highlights in baby blue! This way you can wonderfully integrate the Scandinavian country house style into your home.

If you like, you can still set selected colorful accents with brighter colors. These can give the room a fresh, modern look. This could be, for example, a designer lamp in red or a few sofa cushions in green or yellow.

Scandinavian living room
Scandinavian living room

The Danes rely primarily on natural materials for the hygge look. Cotton, linen, wool and (artificial) fur are clearly the focus. A fluffy, soft carpet in light colors or with a graphic pattern creates a cozy, feel-good atmosphere in the living room. The furniture in the Scandi living room should also be made from natural materials – a balanced mix of light wood and fabric is at the forefront here.

High, visible feet are particularly typical of Nordic furniture. But you want to add one more thing? Wood paneling on the ceiling and walls is also extremely popular in Scandinavia and makes the living room look warm and cozy.

A Scandinavian living room is characterized by its cozy and warm atmosphere. Because it invites you to linger for a long time with friends and family. Even though Scandinavians prefer clean design, they know how to create an inviting atmosphere with sophisticated decorative elements and trendy design classics . We have five tips that you can use to decorate your living room in a Scandinavian style:

  • Soft pillows and blankets to snuggle up on the couch are a must in this interior design style.
  • Large and small vases in a simple Scandinavian design also conjure up a cheerful and homely atmosphere. 
  • Fluffy carpets in subtle colors and graphic patterns also ensure a cozy feel-good atmosphere.
  • Beautiful pictures in subtle wooden frames give the room an individual touch. Perfect for your wall design!
  • If you now rely on stylish candlesticks and lanterns , the hygge look is perfect.
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