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room divider

5 beautiful ideas for room dividers in the bedroom

A place where we can relax, recharge our batteries and hopefully start the day refreshed – the bedroom is one of the focal points in our home. Often it is not just used for sleeping, but also for working or reading. We’ll therefore tell you how you can integrate several areas in your bedroom and still keep it quiet and tidy. Five beautiful ideas for separating the sleeping area with room dividers – from modern to practical. Get inspired!

Whether you have a lot of living space or a little, many people have the desire to divide the bedroom into different areas. We’ll tell you what you can get out of your bedroom, from the baby corner to the home office corner.

  • Sleeping area: To give the entire bedroom a little more peace and a clear structure, you can separate the sleeping area. This creates a tidy look, especially in small rooms. Airy, slightly transparent curtains are perfect for this. They give the sleeping area more intimacy and still don’t overwhelm the space.
  • Reading corner: A small reading corner in the bedroom creates a homely atmosphere in no time. With a screen made of raffia or rattan you can emphasize the relaxed mood while reading. It harmonizes perfectly with a comfortable armchair and a reading lamp. The nice thing: If your eyes start to get heavy from reading, you can quickly scurry into bed behind the screen.
  • Baby corner: You can create a beautiful baby corner in your bedroom with a sheer linen curtain. It gives the room a gentle atmosphere and perfectly separates the baby’s sleeping area from the parents’ resting area – so both sides can get some rest.
  • Work area: Especially in times of home office, a small work area is worth its weight in gold. You can also conjure up this in a small room. When designing your work area in the bedroom, we recommend using a narrow cupboard, a space-saving desk and a felt partition. It offers the advantage that notes can also be pinned to the felt at the same time.
  • Dressing room: In addition to the bed, there is also the wardrobe in the bedroom . A room divider is ideal, especially for open, walk-in versions. To ensure that the overall look of the room remains harmonious, it is best to use the colors of your bedroom for the room divider.
room dividers
room dividers

The easiest and most popular way to separate a room is with bookshelves or plant shelves. The nice thing about it: They are accessible from both sides and give the bedroom a homely atmosphere. They are perfectly integrated into the room, offer storage space and still let light through thanks to the open compartments.

Tip: To ensure that your bedroom retains its calm ambience, do not fill the shelf too full. Otherwise it quickly appears untidy and uninviting.

Chests of drawers or sideboards are also a nice alternative to open book or plant shelves . Thanks to their low height, they do not absorb any light and provide plenty of storage space behind closed doors. This is also a great way to separate the living room from the dining area or open kitchen.

room dividers

Straight sliding curtains or drapes effectively separate individual areas. They take up little space, appear light, but visually obscure the most important thing. You can use sliding curtains to separate the sleeping area from the living area without losing a lot of square footage. We show you a great example of a stylish curtain idea in the bedroom in the video. So atmospheric and modern at the same time!

room dividers
room dividers

Made of rattan, in a modern industrial style or with a light linen cover – screens are the classics among partitions. The advantage of them is that they can be opened, closed and positioned as desired. They do not require any complicated assembly and beautifully underline your own furnishing style in the bedroom.

room dividers

They are flexible, can be moved easily and improve the air at the same time – large house plants or hanging plants are a decorative and beautiful room divider option. To do this, simply place larger plants next to each other in their containers to create a small plant wall. But individual potted plants or hanging elements also look great in your oasis of peace.

The lush green also has a beneficial effect on the body and mind – perfect for setting up the sleeping area! When purchasing, it is best to pay attention to the light requirements of the plant, as they are often not placed directly by the window as a room divider. If you don’t have a green thumb, artificial plants are also a nice option.

Sometimes it’s not about protecting the sleeping area from view, but rather about reducing noise. A clever idea for this is partition walls or sliding doors. Especially in small one-room apartments, this option is ideal for shielding the sleeping and living areas from each other. To avoid drilling holes, it’s best to opt for sandwiching between load-bearing walls. You can easily fix the frame of the partition wall with clamping screws – an optimal solution in rented apartments!

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