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Dining Room Furniture: 10 Great Tips

In order to create a holistic and harmonious atmosphere for dining together and socializing with friends, you need a little interior know-how and nice dining room ideas here and there. The highlight of setting up a dining room is the combination of functionality and coziness. A creative touch is often required here to make the dining room the new favorite room within your four walls. Our interior experts provide helpful tips that will help you set up your dining room perfectly and showcase it decoratively. We also reveal what you should definitely pay attention to when setting up and which colors are currently in vogue

Like every room, this one is characterized primarily by its furniture. These should therefore be chosen carefully when furnishing the dining room or living-dining room – we have the tips for this:

Dining tables are the centerpiece of every dining room. Round tables are recommended for more sociability and so that none of your loved ones feel like an outsider. So that all guests have enough space and can sit comfortably, you need a plate with a diameter of 100 centimeters for four people. For six seats there should be at least 20 centimeters more. However, if you want to accommodate more than 6 people, then oval or rectangular models are more suitable. For larger groups, a dining group with a rectangular extendable table is also very practical.

Comfortable and yet stylish – the chairs complete the look of the dining table and give the entire dining room an individual touch. So that social evenings don’t end too quickly, you should make sure that the chair has a comfortable backrest with soft padding. Is your dining table in a corner? Then we recommend a practical corner bench or two benches!

For storage space, it’s best to use a beautiful display cabinet or sideboard. You can also display dishes beautifully on an open shelf. If you like it very stylish, place a serving trolley with decorations and drinks next to the dining table.

In the dining room, we recommend using natural nuances and textiles to create a harmonious and cozy atmosphere. This applies to the basic furnishings – with muted colors and natural materials for the dining room furniture . So the dining room appears rather simple overall. You can use textiles such as a tablecloth, place mats and decorative pillows to add colorful accents to the room. Depending on the occasion and season, these can be adjusted again and again.

Several styles are suitable for the dining room. We have put together our favorites for you:

  • The country house style dining room: Relaxed, reserved colors and natural materials characterize the country house style dining room . Ideal for fans of rustic style! For a romantic dining room look, light colors such as white and pastel shades are very nice.
  • The industrial style dining room: This style looks particularly stylish and is also suitable for men. For a trendy loft character, you can decorate a wall in a spacious dining room with wall-look wallpaper. Dining room furniture made of wood and metal, lots of black and golden details create a rough industrial chic .
  • The Scandi-style dining room: The Scandi style stands for cosiness without any frills. Functional and straightforward, but still cozy. The colors in the Scandi dining room are also rather simple.
  • The modern / minimalist dining room: These two styles are often similar here. Less is more here, but you can play a lot with colors and materials.

Lighting is an extremely important aspect of coziness in the dining room. Ideal lighting ensures that the light is distributed across the entire table in the dining area. With pendant lights you can provide good light over the dining area if it is in the middle of the room!

Flexible variants such as height-adjustable hanging lights with dimmable light are perfect here. To ensure that the light does not dazzle when you sit at your dining table, the lights should be around 60 centimeters away from the table top.

If you like it more glamorous, for example in a luxury dining room, you can choose a chandelier. In addition to the ceiling light, we also recommend using other light sources, such as a floor lamp.

In dining areas in the living room, you should either move the ceiling light from the center over the table, or place it on another light source directly above it.

The right decoration creates an individual dining room look in which you feel comfortable. But the motto here is: Find the right amount. This means that it is better to choose a few large pieces than too many small ones. Because the dining room is not just a place where people eat and drink, it is also a room full of laughter and exciting conversations.

Therefore, create an atmospheric atmosphere to give these four walls character. Even small details such as flickering candles in beautiful lanterns on the table improve the ambience in the room. Classic dining room decorations include vases with flowers, candles and beautiful candlesticks. These are primarily used for table decoration . You can also get inspiration from restaurants and their dining room decoration !

Whether a classic tablecloth or the upholstery of the dining room chairs – textiles always ensure a homely feeling and can be atmospherically integrated to match the furnishing style. Curtains or a nice carpet also make the room more comfortable. With light-colored carpets, however, you should make sure that the material is easy to clean should a small mishap happen. Decorative cushions with floral patterns or geometric shapes provide an eye-catcher on the chairs.

Tip: A lambskin over the chair provides extra comfort!

In a separate dining room you can have fun with the wall design as you wish. If there is little natural light in a dining area, you should just make sure that the wall color you choose is as light as possible. With a neutral design made of wood in classic beige tones, you can always achieve a balanced and inviting effect in the dining room.

In addition to the wall color, you can also complete the design of the dining room with wallpaper and decorations. Colored patterns in the wallpaper can be picked up with matching textiles and vases.

Another must-have for the dining room are, of course, murals. Think about whether you want to use several small pictures or one eye-catching, large mural.

Is the space in the dining room very limited or do you not have any extra space that you can use as a dining room? Then a folding table saves space and still offers the opportunity to eat together. You can also simply give your small dining room or dining table a double use by also using the table as a desk. With stackable chairs you also save space and can still offer your guests somewhere to sit. 

You can then move storage space to the kitchen. You can also find the right products for your new dining room in our online shop at TUKA. Search and find your new favorite pieces and have your selection conveniently delivered to your home! We also have great ideas and products for all other rooms in the apartment!


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