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Furnish Apartment in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

Furnishing apartment is both an exciting and challenging task. While interior enthusiasts love decorating new rooms, some others don’t even know where to start. From basic interior tips to extraordinary styling ideas for experienced people,if you want to furnish apartments these articles from our interior experts have just the right thing for everyone!

Not all apartments are the same! Every home has its own characteristics and decorating challenges. We have created a generous selection of articles and guides that will provide you with helpful tips and tricks to furnish apartments. A few examples from our articles:

Stylish furnishings often seem difficult to implement in small one-room apartments. But student apartments and small rooms can also be big with the right tips and tricks.

The classic men’s booth can also be tastefully decorated. For this purpose, our interior experts recommend masculine materials such as leather, wood with intentional signs of wear or elements in an industrial style.

Furnishing a holiday apartment is often not that easy. Which furnishing style is well received by the guests and which pieces of furniture should definitely not be missing? Here too, our interior experts have summarized important tips and tricks.

Attic apartments and rooms with bay windows exude a very special charm. However, the unusual floor plans of these rooms often pose a challenge for furniture and appropriate decoration. You can find out here how you can create a stylish overall image despite this demanding task.

The living room is one of the busiest and most used rooms in an apartment or house because this is where all family life takes place. Game evenings, eating together, family evenings in front of the TV or just sitting comfortably together on the corner couch are some of the times we spend together in the living room. That’s why this room has to meet a number of requirements, which can certainly be quickly put into practice with beautiful living ideas.

One of the living ideas here relates to the seating furniture, because finding the right sofa and arranging it cleverly is often an art in itself. Before you find the perfect sofa, you should be clear about what color, shape, size and upholstery it should have.

Once this matter has been clarified, the question of how to arrange the sofa and armchair still arises. On the one hand, you should have a good view of the television from your upholstered furniture, but it is also important that the arrangement of this seating promotes communication. For example, it is ideal if two two-seaters face each other and then a few armchairs are combined so that they can be aligned towards the television.

Living ideas always have something to do with the colors used. Here you have to differentiate between an existing living room and a room that is being redesigned from scratch. If you want to spice up your living room with a few colors, you should definitely stick to the given color palette so that the overall harmonious look is maintained. If you design a room from the ground up, you can let off steam.

But here too, you should take a look at a color table so that you know which colors harmonize with each other. When considering your color and living ideas, also pay attention to the floor. If it is rather dark, then it is an advantage if the wall tones are lighter so that the entire room does not appear too dark.

The living ideas in the kids room can be more playful and definitely more child-friendly so that the little ones feel completely comfortable. If two children have to share a bedroom, things can get complicated because basically each child needs their own space. But here too, there are living ideas that help ensure that each child has their own area, but the furniture still fits together perfectly.

A good furnishing and living idea here is that each of the children gets their own color. This means that the little ones both have the same wardrobes, but they come in different colors. If each child chooses their favorite color and both cupboards are the same size and shape, then there is hardly anything standing in the way of harmonious coexistence.

Some living ideas can be easily realized with the right lighting. Light is also very important in children’s rooms. The recipe: bright light for running around and playing and cozy, warm light for relaxing and withdrawing. A combination of these two types of lighting is ideal!

Living ideas for creativity: Paint part of a wall with blackboard paint so that the little ones can create their own works of art with chalk on the wall as they wish! Having a large frame around this area can prevent the children from accidentally painting the wallpaper with the chalk.

The bedroom is the room in the home where we come to rest. Here we spend cozy and quiet hours in which we read, sleep or relax and the entire furnishings and style of the room should be kept accordingly. Calm colors, delicate fabrics, gentle shapes and a cozy flair are ideal for creating a cozy cave here. Have you just moved in or don’t you have a feeling for which furniture goes well together?

We have great living ideas for this! Varnish or paint all or most of your furniture in colors that come from one color family. If the furniture appears in similar shades, then the overall picture looks very harmonious and the interior fits together. Sometimes the room doesn’t look 100 percent harmonious despite great furniture.

This could be because, among other things, the proportions are not right. One reason for this can be very high walls like in old buildings. But these “problems” can also be solved with clever living ideas. Add beautiful color accents to your high walls – this will make the ceiling appear significantly lower and the room as a whole more comfortable.

furnishing apartment

Of course, decorating is also part of furnishing apartment and living, because without home accessories and decoration, all the furniture doesn’t look the way it should. Decorating and furnishing apartment and house creates the coziness and individuality that you want in your own four walls. You can decorate at home with these tips:

Odd numbers: Always drape vases, candle holders or picture frames to create an arrangement that consists of three, five, seven or nine accessories. In any case, always from an odd number. This makes the ensemble appear more harmonious.

Different heights: If you combine vases, flowers or other decorative elements with each other, make sure that all of these things are of different heights. This makes the entire picture look much more natural and beautiful.

Colors: Combine colors, but don’t choose too many! Two colors are usually the maximum in a room. If these colors are then harmonized with white, a wonderful calm is created and yet it doesn’t look boring.

However, you don’t always have to buy everything new. With our great DIY tips and imaginative step-by-step instructions, your apartment can be furnished individually!

Are you excited about a look in our articles and are now looking for the right products to recreate it in your home? Then our articles and product sliders are just right for you. You can easily shop for inspiring looks, trends and interior design styles in our TUKA online shop.

Important questions are also clarified in our articles on the topic of “furnish apartment”. We have collected all our expertise and explained the most important facts and most exciting questions to you in our texts.

You can of course find more furnishing apartment ideas, tips and tricks about furnishing and living with us – take a look through our furnishing ideas.

Click through our large number of themes and find exactly the right thing to furnish apartment in your style. Have fun browsing, reading and decorating! Furnish apartment with TUKA. If you want to furnish apartment TUKA is best place for you.

Do you need more articles about “furnish apartment” check our Advices page.


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