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wardrobe ideas

8 beautiful wardrobe ideas for little space

Great style, but little space for a spacious wardrobe? This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to tone down your style in the future. There are clever solutions and wardrobe ideas for little space. We have also collected creative ideas for small bedrooms with little space and small wardrobes with little storage space. No matter whether you have a small bedroom, a tiny dressing room, a room with a sloping ceiling or simply a small wardrobe with little space, we are guaranteed to provide a suitable solution for you.

Not everything has to be in the closet. Use every corner of your room to create more storage space. Clothes rails that you can place next to your wardrobe or in the corners of the room are particularly practical for this. For example, you can store all your jackets here, or you can place all your favorite items that you wear almost every day here.

To make optimal use of your clothes rail, you can completely style and hang up all of your outfits for a week here. So in the morning you just have to reach for the appropriate outfit of the day and save yourself a lot of time. Alternatively, you can create more space and storage space with shelves that you install on the wall. For example, accessories but also sweaters etc. can be stored here.

If you are looking for a clothes rail but can’t quite find the right model, then think outside the box. Take a look at the systems designed for hallways and cloakrooms. These usually also have additional storage areas for shoes or umbrellas. Some also have a mirror installed or come with hooks and small extras to hang up jackets etc.

Such modern wardrobes and clothes rails are ideal for creating extra storage space outside the wardrobe. Here you not only store your outfits for the coming week, but also have plenty of space for shoes, bags, etc.

Sometimes there just isn’t enough space in the bedroom to fit a closet and clothes rail. Sometimes you just need a narrow closet that doesn’t overload a small bedroom.

Then there are two points to consider that will make your life and keeping things tidy easier. Get a wardrobe with lots of drawers. This makes it easier to divide your clothing into groups and categories. This keeps the entire wardrobe nice and tidy. To divide the drawers even further, you can use divider systems or simply insert shoe boxes.

Secondly, if you have small, well-stocked closets, it is particularly worthwhile to sort your wardrobe seasonally. Replace the contents of your closet twice a year and put the items that aren’t currently wearable in the basement or in boxes under the bed. This means your wardrobe will never be completely overcrowded and you will have more variety in your closet.

We have already talked about the fact that little space needs to be used to the maximum. But in addition to the corners of the room already mentioned, you can also use a lot of storage space upstairs. For example, through boxes and boxes that you stack above the wardrobe. This is where you store clothes that you rarely wear or that you have sorted out seasonally.

In any case, it is worth choosing a tall wardrobe that makes good use of the space up to the ceiling. Models that are oriented upwards are much more practical in small rooms than those that are particularly wide or protrude far into the room. Pay attention to this when purchasing a cabinet.

If you already have a smaller closet model or still have free space above your tall wardrobe, you can add a shelf here or stack suitcases, baskets and boxes.

If you have a wall with a bulge or niche, then don’t miss this interior opportunity. These can be used optimally to accommodate a clothes rail. Then you can do without a wardrobe altogether and create an open closet system instead.

Combine an extendable telescopic rod with a dresser or sideboard underneath. There is space for lots of clothes on the clothes rail. In the chest of drawers you still have enough space for underwear, pajamas, accessories, etc. – everything that you don’t want to hang open and visible.

Depending on how much space you still need, you can add a shelf, attach hooks to the wall or install boxes and baskets above the clothes rail.

Use every last centimeter of space in your closet. But definitely in such a way that you can still keep track of things and maintain order. Make sure everything is well sorted and has its assigned place.

For example, you can connect two hangers with a ring from a can and hang twice as many hangers on the rack. You can use kitchen cabinet inserts and organizers to divide and better organize cupboard space. You can also put stacks of clothes one behind the other in the closet. Put the things you rarely wear at the back. Others that you want to have on hand every day come first. After a few weeks, swap the stacks. This means your style will never be boring.

There are pull-out or fold-out clothes rails. There are baskets that you can clip under shelves. Or hooks that you can attach to the side of the wardrobe. There are lots of clever solutions that will help you make optimal use of the space in your wardrobe.

Take advantage of each of these small opportunities for a little more storage space. Not only do they ensure that your wardrobe can suddenly accommodate more clothes, but they also ensure that you have everything within reach in the future. You’ll be able to organize even the smallest wardrobe easily and cleverly. You always know where each item is, from the belt to the sock, and where it belongs. This not only gives you more space but also time.

Are you still looking for more storage space next to your wardrobe? Do you already have a clothes rail and a chest of drawers? Then there is actually an additional solution that will open up new storage space for you.

Instead of buying a new, larger wardrobe, get a bed with built-in storage solutions. There are models that can be opened up to accommodate boxes or baskets with clothes, but also shoes or suitcases. But there are also models with integrated drawers. You can simply use this like a chest of drawers.

We hope our wardrobe ideas for little space could inspire and help you. Now all you have to do is cleverly tidy up and organize your wardrobe and your newfound space. In our wardrobe guide you will find out how you can bring order to your wardrobe. We wish you much success and fun sorting and styling.

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