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Hallway Design: 10 Great Ideas

Entrance area with a feel-good atmosphere! Even if the hallway is a small room, you can make it cozy with great attention to detail. We’ll show you how you can design a stylish hallway and make the small room the showcase for the rest of your interior. What are you waiting for? Make your hallway a highlight and demonstrate your sense of aesthetics right at the front door!

A hallway is usually a difficult room to furnish. Because it is often narrow and long. The fact that a hallway has no windows doesn’t make it easy either. Just let our ideas inspire you for a beautiful hallway, there’s sure to be something for you too!

Whether wide, narrow, short or long – with these ten tips you can make the hallway in your apartment sensible, practical and, above all, beautiful.

Do you have an unspectacular hallway? Then play with colors, be brave and try out new things. With a light orange, delicate lilac or fresh green, your wall in the hallway can become a new highlight. Unusual patterned wallpaper, half-height painted walls and block stripes in contrasting colors are also very welcome here.

Which colors fit in the hallway?

In general, it is not advisable to use dark colors because the hallway has no windows. It’s best to use neutral, light colors – natural tones are also great. How about a beige, for example? Or a light shade of gray?

If your corridor is wide enough, you can turn it into a mini living room – perfect for a relaxed chat with neighbors or an afternoon coffee. Wood and leather are a must when furnishing and spread coziness and warmth.

Your hallway is very long and you want it to appear shorter? Then choose carpets! With several individual runners you can divide your long corridor into small individual routes. Take advantage of the space and place a few nice chairs on either side or even a comfortable ottoman. Coziness is guaranteed here.

A clever living idea is to convert the corridor or possibly the wider entrance area into a study. Are you still looking for a nice place to work where no one will bother you, but you don’t have any extra space? Use the corridor! A wooden console, a comfortable chair and a stylish table lamp are often enough. And your personal home office is quickly created.

Your hallway is narrow and short and you want it to look wider and longer? No problem: Place a mirror in the middle of the hallway and combine it with light colors to visually enlarge the room.

How can I design my small hallway?

Furniture and decorations should definitely find their place in the hallway. In a small hallway you can make more use of the wall space. For example, rely on wall decorations and wall shelves. Smart hallway furniture such as super narrow shoe cabinets or consoles are also suitable when space is limited.

White walls and lots of lights make a dark house entrance shine and therefore appear larger. We recommend a combination of ceiling and wall lights. Glass doors, preferably with a sliding function, are also perfect. They allow the light to circulate and visually enlarge the room many times over.

Your walls can also be used for more than hanging pictures. A wide wall can partially or completely serve as a bookshelf. Your hallway will become a little cultural walk in no time. Our styling tip: Tidy up in a minimalist way and combine it with decorations.

The floor in the hallway has to withstand a lot. So it’s best to choose durable and weatherproof material such as laminate, tiles or parquet. If you don’t want to do without a carpet, you should choose one made of synthetic fibers, sisal or goat hair.

The obvious first: The wall color contributes significantly to the appearance of a stylishly furnished entrance area and should therefore be chosen carefully. Light pastel tones are suitable for small and large rooms and appear friendly and inviting. If you play with darker colors, you should only use them occasionally on one wall and instead use the color in the rest of the furnishings.

Our tip: If you don’t trust strong wall colors, you can also create great effects with carpets in different colors and shapes. Of course, stylish wall design also includes pictures, posters and paintings. A creative idea is the picture collage, which can, for example, take up the space above a chest of drawers. You can of course find the right picture frames for your personalized wall decoration at TUKA!

Plants are also perfect for adding colorful highlights to the interior. Regardless of whether it is a small potted plant or a colorful bouquet of fresh flowers: especially if there are no other colors in the hallway, they make the overall picture look friendlier and fresher. Since the corridor is usually not flooded with light, you should definitely make sure to choose easy-care houseplants.

With just a few simple steps, even a small, dark room can be made inviting. We’ll tell you a few effective tips and tricks that you should definitely keep in mind when designing your hallway.

  • Friendly wall colors: A light wall appears open and allows the existing light in a room to be shown to its best advantage. Wall design in white, cream or pastel tones is especially important if you don’t have a window in the corridor. Tip: Draw lines along the walls or floor that follow the length of the corridor. Or you can paint the doors the same color as the walls. This also makes the entrance area appear larger and more open.
  • Large mirrors: If you attach mirrors to the long side, you can visually expand the room and thus reduce the cramped feeling of a room. This trick works best in combination with light wall colors .
  • Light furniture: In a small hallway, airy and light furnishings are essential. You can achieve this effect well with light furniture. White hallway furniture is very popular for this. But light natural wood such as ash or beech is also suitable for making a small hallway friendly and open. Tip: Make clever use of niches and corners in small hallways.
  • More light, please: Impressive lamps can provide more than just a decorative highlight in a small corridor. Inviting light also makes the room appear larger and more open.
  • There must be order: Order is absolutely essential, especially in small hallways. Overloaded wardrobes, empty returnable bottles and countless shoes not only look unsightly, they make the room appear even smaller. Closed storage furniture can help here as they appear much quieter.
  • Floor covering: It is best to choose the same floor covering for your small hallway as in the other living rooms. Carpets are less suitable here.

Extra tips for narrow hallways

If you want to design a narrow hallway , light wall colors are a must here too, otherwise the overall picture will look too overwhelming. You don’t have to do without bright, dark colors! It is best to use these as accents. For example, if you paint the wall at the front of the hallway, you give the room a little more depth and create a cool look.

Sometimes it is also a good idea to emphasize the “architectural” weak points of the hallway. You can achieve a kind of “catwalk effect” with a horizontal picture rail, a long, half-height shelf or a carpet runner on the floor.

Can you call a large hallway your own? Great, because here you can really exaggerate when it comes to hallway design! Bright wall colors and unusual wallpaper emphasize the size of the room and make it appear dramatic. Instead of a single mirror, you can also use an entire mirror wall. The furniture can also be larger and more massive. Instead of a chair or stool, it’s best to make yourself comfortable on an inviting bench or sofa.

If you have enough space in the middle, you can place a table, a sculpture or a sculptural piece of furniture there. Especially if it is in the line of sight, you create an extraordinary eye-catcher in the entrance area. And you shouldn’t do without sufficient lighting in the large hallway either. Be sure to use several different light sources here.

A little tip: Large hallways can also be used as statement hallways. Practical aspects such as enough storage space do not play a role here. Instead, the emphasis is on chic art objects and designer pieces.

Yes, the entrance area also deserves to be furnished with attention to detail. And what better way to do that than by deciding on a style and following it completely in the furnishings?! We have put together our three favorite living styles for the hallway for you:

  • Set up the hallway in a modern way:  A modern hallway scores points with its minimalist and puristic design. Clear lines, a restrained color scheme and clean shapes set the tone here. Flowers and plants in stylish planters and vases provide colorful accents.
  • Cozy hallway in country house style:  A hallway in country house style immediately looks warm and cozy. Warm solid wood meets cozy fur, floral patterns and delicate natural colors. Decorate the entrance to the house with fresh flowers and a room diffuser that smells of pine needles. These instantly exude a rural charm in which you and your guests will definitely feel at home.
  • Glamorous designer hallway: Extravagant colors and high-quality materials are an absolute must in a designer hallway. Gold, silver and brass tones are combined with marble, metal and glass to create a glamorous look. For a more feminine touch, soft furs, velvet and linen are a nice idea.

We’ll show you which furniture belongs in the inventory of every corridor. Important: Quality comes before quantity here! If you choose furniture made from high-quality materials, you will immediately give your guests a good first impression. PS: At TUKA, all discerning interior lovers will find useful pieces in a stylish design!


No hallway without a practical wardrobe ! After all, you need space to hang jackets and coats. Choose space-saving coat hooks for a small hallway or place a decorative coat rack. 

If possible: A closed wardrobe with hangers is the ideal solution for the minimalist look.

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Hats, caps, scarves and gloves – they all need a stylish place in the hallway so that they are always at hand when needed. Nothing is better for this than a classic chest of drawers that offers enough storage space with various compartments. 

Bonus: Use the storage space on the dresser to arrange decorative items. Whether candles or fresh flowers: the chest of drawers offers beautiful home accessories a proper stage.

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Shoe cabinets

Shoes should also have their own place in a tastefully decorated hallway. And nothing is better for this than a beautiful shoe cabinet. 

Our tip: Sort your shoes by season or occasion. This means you can immediately find the right footwear for any weather.

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Reading tip: Discover even more ideas for your shoe storage !


The ottoman in the hallway instantly transforms the corridor into a room in which you can feel comfortable. For sitting down, tying your shoes or as a storage space, the narrow sofa is a great and practical eye-catcher in the entrance area. If you are designing a narrow hallway, you can use a comfortable armchair, stool or a delicate bench instead.

You can find beautiful benches for the hallway in our shop, for example!


Of course, a mirror should not be missing in any hallway. It is used for a quick outfit check before leaving the house. But a mirror in the hallway also looks great. Its light-reflecting properties make every room appear larger. If you choose an unusual model, it will quickly become an absolute eye-catcher in your hallway.

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Do you want to greet your guests in style as soon as they enter your home? Then a tastefully furnished hallway is definitely part of it! With our hallway ideas you don’t have to completely change your furnishings. A few selected home accessories and beautiful decorations can make a big impact and change the look of the corridor. For example, decorate your console in the hallway with a tray and beautiful candles, a vase or decorative objects. A beautiful floor vase makes dark corners an eye-catcher.

You can buy beautiful decorations in our online shop!

Make the most of your corridor! Make it as homely as any other living space and don’t neglect the comfort here either. At TUKA you can expect a large selection of beautiful furniture and home accessories for a stylishly furnished hallway. Share your newly designed hallway with us on Instagram and become part of our large TUKA community!


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