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minimalist living room

Set up your living room in a minimalist way: The 10 best tips

When it comes to furnishing, we quickly get lost in decorations and accessories and tend to overindulge. With a minimalist interior you can do without a lot – and you still have the feeling that you are not missing anything. In view of the trend towards more sustainable living, minimalism is becoming more and more popular. Our living experts will therefore tell you how you can design your living room in a minimalist way – without sacrificing style or comfort. Get inspired!

Minimalism means, first of all, living according to the motto less is more . You reduce your wardrobe, your apartment and other areas of your life to the bare essentials and thereby create space for the most important things. So it’s a kind of attitude to life that helps us to clear our heads. At the same time, functionality, high-quality materials, a calm ambience and reduced shapes are the focus of the minimalist furnishings.

It is particularly important to clean out and clear out rooms regularly . Everything that is not needed or loved has to go. Are you already seeing bare, uncomfortable rooms in front of you? No, that doesn’t have to be the case! Although the minimalist living room is not full of objects, it is made cozy with targeted , beautiful decorations, cozy textiles, etc.

Clear shapes and restrained colors create the look of minimalism. Therefore, you should also choose the furniture to match the rest of the ambience. In addition to the design, function is very important to minimalists. Multifunctional furniture that can be used practically is therefore best suited for your living room . In addition to wood, metal in particular is often represented as a modern material.

In addition to the sofa and coffee table, a simple sideboard with doors is also suitable. However, it is better to avoid a magnificent wall unit and instead hang the television on the wall . Or, you can give up TV completely and rely on a projector. The credo applies to all furniture: quality over quantity! So pay attention to high-quality materials so that you have your favorite pieces for a long time.

Coziness can be brought to the minimalist living room not only with well-chosen decorations and beautiful furniture . The right lighting also contributes a lot to the ambience. Warm light and many indirect light sources create a cozy oasis of well-being. To maintain the minimalist character of the furnishings, lamps made of metal, wood or linen are simply perfect. It is best to combine a bright ceiling lamp with table lamps, floor lamps, wall lights or candles.

White is still very popular in combination with a minimalist living room. Because a purist style prefers to contain less color rather than more. This creates a calm, reduced overall impression in your home. In a white living room you can really wind down and relax. You can find out how the look still looks cozy in our video!

Of course, your living room doesn’t have to be completely white! Other calm colors also harmonize perfectly with minimalism. These include black, gray, beige and various natural colors such as shades of brown. In principle, all muted colors that don’t distract you from what’s important are suitable. Of course, you can still create individual contrasts in stronger colors if you wish, ideally with individual home accessories.

Whether on the wall or on the chest of drawers – home accessories are responsible for the coziness in the room . Since they basically have no function, they should be used sparingly in minimalism. So it’s better to rely on one stylish statement piece instead of several small decorative elements. Cozy pillows, blankets and furs , which represent the ultimate in coziness, are also allowed to move in.

Personal memorabilia: A family photo on the wall or the beloved vase from your last vacation – in minimalism it can become personal. Because what you really love can stay in the room!

Cozy textiles: So cozy! Decorative pillows and blankets will make your living room much cozier. Just make sure not to choose wild patterns or bright colors.

Individual decorative highlights: Whether a real designer piece or a trendy eye-catcher, individual decorative accessories can also stand out in your minimalist living room.

The same applies to the wall decorations in your living room . Under no circumstances should the walls be overfilled – be it with shelves or a picture gallery. It’s better to go for a nice, large picture in a simple frame. Wall paint is also an ideal alternative, ideally in natural, calm colors such as sand or cream. Lime colors are just as popular. However, you should avoid the colorful floral wallpaper!

Various natural materials also make your living room more comfortable. For example, make sure to combine a simple coffee table or a console made of wood . Decorative pillows made of linen or cotton achieve the same effect. Another stylish highlight: a subtle ceramic vase.

Decorating in a minimalist style does not necessarily mean that the room has to be exclusively sterile and bare. Quite the opposite! Because with the right accessories, even minimalist living rooms look warm and inviting. Nordic living styles, which are based on the minimalist principle, are particularly ideal for coziness:

  • Hygge: With the Danish formula for happiness, things can be very cozy. Lots of candles, (artificial) fur and warm colors create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Lagom: With Swedish lagom it is important to find the golden mean. It has to be not too much and not too little, but just right. But sometimes it’s not that easy!
  • Scandi: The typical Scandi chic is still very popular. Light woods, graphic patterns and a high degree of straightforwardness make up the style.

Storage space is extremely important for a clean and tidy look. So make sure to use chests of drawers with closed fronts . Coffee tables or stools with storage space in which blankets, toys, etc. can disappear are also practical . You should at least stock open shelves harmoniously and moderately. Small baskets or boxes also ensure more order.

Have you taken our previous tips into account? Then this will definitely be easy for you: clear away everything that is lying around on the floor! Be it magazines, books or other small items – leave the floor free and create more space for yourself. By the way, a carpet doesn’t necessarily have to be in the minimalist living room!

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