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sofa bed living room

Living and sleeping in one? This is not at all uncommon and the reasons for it can be very different. Be it a small apartment with little space to retreat to, a 1 bedroom apartments or the former bedroom becomes a children’s room. The nice thing is: with very simple tricks and ideas you can integrate a bed in living room. Get inspired by our five ideas for the bed in living room. Much joy!

bed in living room
living room sofa bed

When it comes to how to hide your bed in living room, the whole room must first and foremost be flexible and functional. The classic for a combination of bedroom and living room is the sofa bed. Previously decried as impractical and uncomfortable, there are now numerous models that are truly impressive in terms of comfort and design.

When buying a sofa bed, it’s best to look for an integrated bed box to store duvets and pillows. If the box is not available, a stool with storage is also suitable. Wonderful in combination with a small, light coffee table! Also practical when things have to go quickly: a coffee table on wheels.

A hidden wall bed, however, ensures even more sleeping comfort and a well thought-out design . The bed is hidden in a cupboard or folded into an extension wall. This variant is absolutely recommended if your living space is tight. But its big advantage is, above all, its comfort. Behind the doors there is usually a real bed with a full mattress , which you can replace or combine as needed.

When furnishing a small room, one thing is particularly important: clear, unfussy designs. A box spring bed is not advisable here. So it’s better to use a simple box bed . Models with an integrated bed box are ideal. If this is not the case, you can create additional storage space with boxes under the bed . The simple design of the bed looks beautifully harmonious in a small room.

Another idea for small living rooms is a loft bed . This is just made for children’s rooms? Absolutely not, with its cool design and muted tone it also looks wonderful in a living room. It creates a great walk-in space under the bed. This creates additional space that can be used flexibly. A wardrobe, shelves, a sofa or a small desk can be accommodated in this way without requiring additional space.

Dividing a living room with the help of a partition is a nice idea to turn one room into two areas. Especially when it comes to designing the sleeping area! Because a little more privacy and a spatial separation from the living area is usually desirable. A beautiful mix of room divider and decorative element is a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf. Equipped with a variety of books, this room divider acts as a stylish eye-catcher and makes the entire living room more comfortable.

If you don’t want to protect the sleeping area from view, but want to structure the entire room more, a glass partition is an excellent idea. Glass variants in a grid shape are particularly modern. Makes every bed in living room a stylish eye-catcher!

Plain and simple curtains are a particularly beautiful privacy screen for the bedroom . They give the room a lightness, which is particularly important in smaller living rooms . When not in use, you can also tie the curtains together nicely and use them as decoration . In order to give the living room with a bed more peace and harmony, it is best to choose the curtains to match the predominant colors in the living room.  

In order to make your combination room as harmonious and practical as possible, not only should your furniture be functional and space-saving, but your decoration should also meet the needs of both rooms. Shelves can be used for storage but also as a stage for your decoration. Choose models that have doors or drawers at the bottom to hide things and an open shelf at the top to show off your favorite items. Also choose mobile pieces of furniture, such as armchairs or stools, that you can move flexibly around the room. In addition, recurring textiles, coordinated lamps and decorative objects are a must to make your room look harmonious.

Order is half the battle – this saying applies especially to an open living room and bedroom combination. No matter how beautiful the partition or the bed is, everything seems much more restless and less homely if it is untidy. If the bed is in direct view, use a nice bedspread, for example . The bedding disappears in no time and a great eye-catcher is created. Bedspreads are now available in numerous sizes and designs. Also, make sure to always make the bed in the morning . This means there is more peace and clarity throughout the living room.

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