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Furnishing a 1 Bedroom Apartments: Best Tips and ideas for your home

The classic 1 bedroom apartments usually only has a very limited living space to furnish. Although it is a challenge to combine living room and bedroom, work and dining area and a kitchen in 40 square meters or less, 1 bedroom apartments can be designed stylishly with the right furnishing ideas. Because even with just a few square meters, you don’t have to forego style, charm, comfort and storage space! We will show you how you can furnish your 1 bedroom apartments using living examples in different styles . Get inspired and shop for your favorite products directly online!

In order to be able to use the entire space of your small apartment, it makes sense to go through and plan the furnishings in your head in advance. This way you can quickly determine which pieces of furniture really fit into your home and which corners and niches remain free. It’s best to create a floor plan as a sketch so that you can better imagine your new home. 

You can sketch the floor plan in the classic way with paper and pen or use a program on your computer, tablet or as an app. When furnishing, you should always make sure to use materials, colors and surfaces that are as uniform as possible. This makes the room appear more structured and larger.

How you can exploit the full potential of your 1 bedroom apartment also depends on the shape of the apartment. We will introduce you to some important tips and ideas for furnishing rectangular and square apartments. Let yourself be surprised!

Designing rectangular apartments poses a challenge for some. Many people make the mistake of placing the furniture along the wall. Avoid this! Because it not only looks boring, but also emphasizes the tubular shape of the living space. You’re also wasting valuable space. Instead, you should place your furniture across the room and divide the room into different living areas using shelves, pictures or rugs.

Square apartments are much easier to design. Here you can also use the middle of the room for furniture and decoration. Here too, divide the living space into different areas. The best way to achieve this is to place the furniture across the wall or in the room.

Does your apartment have a lot of sloping ceilings?
We’ll show you how you can cleverly set up a sleeping area under a sloping roof !

Small 1 bedroom apartments do not always have an extremely large floor space, but they do impress with a lot of feel-good atmosphere! To get the most out of your small apartment, the right room layout is an absolute must . Our interior experts will show you how you can cleverly divide up your living, sleeping, working and dining areas and also furnish them in a modern, functional and stylish way.

In the sleeping area of ​​your 1 bedroom apartments, one thing is very important: comfort. Here you can relax and regain your strength day after day. The central element here is the bed. With cozy pillows and fluffy blankets, your bed becomes a comfortable retreat. Of course, curtains should not be missing and, depending on where your bed is placed, a room divider for more privacy should not be missing. After all, this is a very intimate part of the apartment and should be protected from prying eyes.

Are you looking for a clever solution to combine living during the day and sleeping at night? Then a sofa bed for long-term sleepers is just the thing for your apartment! Discover the most beautiful and best models as well as tips for buying in our guide.

A side table is an absolute must-have as a storage space in your sleeping area . Ideally, it has extra storage space, such as a drawer, for small items. It’s best to place a stylish bedside lamp on top to create atmospheric light. With candles you create an additional indirect light source and make your sleeping area even more comfortable. If there is enough space, there is also space for a chest of drawers or a small wardrobe . You can also use these directly as a room divider. Your “bedroom” is rounded off with a standing mirror for daily outfit checks – alternatively, you can also use mirrored cupboard doors to save additional space.

Tip: Decide on one to three colors that should predominate in your interior! This makes the overall picture appear harmonious and harmonious.

The “living room” should above all be inviting and cozy. Here you can relax from your everyday life and invite friends and family. A comfortable couch is of course essential. Combine the right home accessories and nothing stands in the way of a true feel-good atmosphere!

Elegant or playful cushions and a soft blanket that reflect the colors of the furnishings are ideal for giving the room an extra dose of cosiness. With our article on how to combine cushions correctly, you are guaranteed to succeed in sofa styling! A fluffy carpet is also a must. This ensures warm feet and also visually separates the living area. Of course, we will also tell you how to choose the right carpet ! Thanks to their elegant shape, delicate coffee tables exude a certain lightness that you can’t have enough of in a 1 bedroom apartment.

Tip : Is a lot of storage space particularly important to you? Then focus on function when it comes to coffee tables. Drawers, compartments and clever storage space create order without compromising the design.

The decoration should be used more discreetly in the living area. A vase of flowers brings freshness into the room, just like a large living room plant, they not only ensure a perfect room climate, but also contrast with the otherwise subtle furnishings – a real eye-catcher!

Space-saving furniture plays an important role in the dining area. There is often not enough space for a massive dining table and massive dining chairs. For example, a round dining table that can ideally be pulled out is particularly space-saving. In a subtle color, it fits perfectly into the overall picture without being too intrusive. Light shades and warm wood are particularly ideal here. This means that the dining chairs can be chosen to be a little more colorful or unusual. However, the color scheme of the rest of the facility should also be taken into account here.

Our tip : Clean and fresh table decorations! Light colors, glass and reflective surfaces, for example on vases, make your dining table appear larger than it is. Plus, it just looks stylish!

Unfortunately, an extra work area is not possible in every 1 bedroom apartment. However, if you’re one of the lucky ones who has the space for it, it doesn’t take much to create a relaxing home office. It’s best to place your work area in front of a window. This means you can do without artificial light while working during the day. The most important thing in the work area is of course a desk and a comfortable desk chair. 

However, since these are usually bulky and massive, a simple bureau is a very suitable alternative in small apartments. Important documents or cables can be stored in its drawers. A comfortable chair is also extremely important – especially if you have to sit at a desk for a long time. Alternatively, you can use a medicine ball or a stool. When work continues into the evening hours, the small table lamp is a must.

1 bedroom apartments

Multifunctional furniture is a must when furnishing a 1 bedroom apartments. The bed and the sofa are usually the heart of every home. In a one-room apartment there is often not necessarily space for both. Therefore, a sofa bed or day bed is the optimal solution for combining living and sleeping in style. Does your 1 bedroom apartments have high ceilings? Then a loft bed is also an option. A small sofa and footstool can be integrated into the lower part, while your retreat is created at the top.

You should also rely on a standard solution when it comes to working and eating. Use the dining table as a desk at the same time . If you only have limited space, a folding dining table is also a good idea. With a large wall mirror you can not only decorate a 1 bedroom apartments beautifully, but also visually bring more depth into the small room. Ceiling-high cabinets also use the entire room height for storage space!

Get the most out of your four walls with furniture for a small apartment. The following applies: Massive, expansive and opulent interior pieces quickly take up the air in a small area and are less suitable for furnishing a 1 bedroom apartments. Instead, use space-saving alternatives and multifunctional furniture . You can use a clothes rail instead of a wardrobe and use the dining table as a desk at the same time.

  • Build high! In a one-room apartment there is usually little space available. That’s why you have to build higher! With a floor-to-ceiling cupboard you can make optimal use of the available space.
  • Multifunctional furniture! Go for multifunctionality. A 1 bedroom apartments are often a kitchen, living room, bedroom and study at the same time. So that you are well equipped for every area of ​​life and save as much space as possible, we recommend a combination of loft bed, desk and shelf. This is how you make clever use of the limited space in your one-room apartment.
  • Less is more! Reduce furniture. When you furnish your small 1 bedroom apartments, it can quickly happen that your four walls seem overloaded. Too many or too bulky pieces of furniture are an absolute no-go for small living spaces. To save space, focus on necessary pieces of furniture that make the best possible use of the available space.
  • Create storage space! To ensure that your furnishings come into their own, you should store annoying small items and things that you rarely use in a space-saving manner. Ideally in rollable boxes under the bed or in nice boxes on the closet. Niches under benches or chairs can also be cleverly used for storage space. Choose sophisticated pieces of furniture for small rooms that have storage space. Particularly smart: stool with removable lid and hidden storage space.
  • Keep order! If little things are constantly lying around, laundry, books and used dishes are piling up, even the best space-saving tricks won’t be of much use. The overall appearance of your small apartment appears restless and uncomfortable. Regular tidying and sorting is essential if you want to permanently save space in your one-room apartment. This means that unnecessary clutter doesn’t accumulate that gets in the way and creates an unsettling overall picture.

Furnishing a 1 bedroom apartments can be a challenge. You shouldn’t just pay attention to different living areas, enough storage space or multifunctional pieces of furniture. The visual design is also relevant for making small living spaces appear larger and more homely. We’ll give you helpful tips and tricks.

You can find the 10 best tips for making small rooms appear larger in our article!

A light color scheme makes a small room appear larger. It is best to paint your walls in white, beige, cream or pastel colors and avoid dark colors as these emphasize the narrowness of the room. However, for rooms that are more tubular, a little color can be helpful. Paint the narrow ends of the wall with a strong color or accentuate them with patterned wallpaper. This makes the room appear square and therefore slightly larger.

If you still prefer to make your walls bright, you can use color contrasts to give the room more depth and excitement. With the help of expressive pictures on the wall or dark decorations on the chest of drawers, you can draw attention to the color accents. This distracts from the actual size of the room.

The right lighting can make a room appear larger than it actually is. Instead of a single, centrally mounted ceiling light, install multiple lights throughout your home. Feel free to combine ceiling, wall, table and floor lamps with each other.

Tip: Do you live in an old building apartment with high ceilings? Then you should install light sources in the lower area of ​​the room – this has a visually shortening effect.

Large mirrors are probably the oldest and easiest trick to make a room appear larger in an instant. It is best to place it opposite windows or light walls. This means that incident daylight is reflected and the perception of size is optically deceived. Shiny objects, such as lights or mirrored furniture, have the same effect. Thanks to the light reflections, you can create more depth in the room and use the sparkle to distract from the actual size of the room.

  • Curtains in the room are ideal for flexibly dividing areas in a 1 bedroom apartments. Simply attach a rod or rail to the ceiling – you can then separate the sleeping area from the rest of the apartment during the day.
  • A half-height shelf is ideal for visually separating your pantry kitchen from the living area . The piece of furniture also offers additional storage space for beautiful kitchen accessories, your favorite dishes and stylish cookbooks.
  • In general , furniture is best suited as a practical room divider. Whether a shelf, a flat sideboard or a stylish chest. Another plus point: These pieces of furniture score points with their storage space!
  • The classic among room dividers is still the screen! The timeless interior piece is particularly good as a demarcation of your dressing area. In addition, the foldable piece of furniture can be rearranged and realigned again and again without any problems.
  • Different floor coverings can also be used to visually and tactilely divide your one-room apartment. So how about different carpets in the living room, bedroom and work area?
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