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Best tips to Furnish an attic apartment easily in 2024

Without a doubt, they have a very special effect, which scores with interior lovers with their extraordinary living flair. Despite the numerous obstacles such as too little space, low ceilings and nooks and crannies, attic apartments are currently more popular than ever. Our living experts will tell you how you can furnish your attic apartment so that you feel completely comfortable in your four walls under the roof!

Not every room is the same – and therefore there are different challenges in every room. We have therefore put together tips for you for the most important rooms so that your entire attic apartment becomes harmonious and is used to the best possible extent:

attic bedroom

The bedroom is probably the best room to design under the roof. The sloping ceilings provide an extra dose of cosiness! Place your bed directly under the gable and showcase it elegantly with a beautiful bedspread. Light colors create a pleasant feeling of space without being oppressive or oppressive. With indirect lighting, you can make your place of peace the highlight of your attic apartment. You can find out more about the topics of “ bedroom in the attic ” and “ bedroom with a sloping ceiling ” in our articles!

attic living room

Storage space is the be-all and end-all in an attic apartment. Since the walls don’t allow you to put up a large closet, you have to use the sloping ceilings in the living room in a different way. With a cupboard that is individually tailored to your sloping ceilings, you won’t leave any storage space unused. You can also use many low sideboards and consoles. And you can easily store all sorts of things. To make your living room appear larger, our living experts recommend keeping the sloping ceilings in a light tone.

attic bathroom

To show off your sloping bathroom from its best side, you should only invest in bathroom furniture that really fits into the room. Of course, appearance also plays a role, but above all, the individual pieces of furniture should be practical and offer storage space. With a matching base cabinet, corner washbasins are absolutely space-saving and give your bathroom a characteristic look. 

You should also rely on multifunctional furniture. The rolling container not only offers storage space for brushes, hairdryers, etc., but also becomes a comfortable place to sit in no time. The same applies to a mirror cabinet, which scores with light and a lot of storage space. Furnishing the kitchen of an attic apartment

Classic upper cabinets will hardly find space in a kitchen with a sloping ceiling. But that doesn’t mean you have to give it up completely. If you want to utilize every corner of your sloping walls, you can of course also make your dream of kitchen wall cabinets come true with special custom-made products. 

Since there isn’t always a lot of space for various kitchen appliances in an attic apartment, the open skylight can also replace the extractor hood. And even if the gable in your kitchen is very low, you don’t have to miss out on a cozy dining area. Simply place your dining table in the middle of the room. A cooking island with bar stools can also be easily integrated into the kitchen.

  1. Now it’s getting cozy! Sloped ceilings have their own charm and so the walls in an attic apartment can be used for unusual furnishing ideas. If you like reading, creating a reading corner is recommended. A quiet corner, a comfortable armchair and the right light form the basis for your new reading corner. When lighting, make sure that the light doesn’t put too much strain on your eyes!
  2. If you are lucky enough to see open beams in your sloping ceilings, you can decorate them with fairy lights and fabric strips in a romantic shabby chic style. A box spring bed made of velvet or a vintage sofa with matching decorative pillows in a crochet design complete the look.
  3. cupboard on a slant is a little more complicated to purchase and assemble, but still not impossible. You can also easily convert your sloping ceiling into an open DIY wardrobe. With a helping hand and a little know-how, you can easily install clothes rails yourself. So if you’ve always dreamed of a walk-in closet – here it is!

Extra tip: Built-in cupboards are particularly worthwhile for sloping ceilings, as they are adapted to the exact dimensions and the space is therefore used perfectly.

attic livingroom

If you are looking for furniture for your sloping ceilings, there are a few things you should consider when purchasing. Only with the right furnishings will your attic apartment be particularly attractive. Since attic apartments usually don’t have meter-high ceilings, you shouldn’t rely on items that are too bulky when choosing the right furniture. Imagine your attic apartment with extensive furniture – just the thought of it seems very oppressive.

Instead, furniture for sloping walls should be low, flat and delicate. If you choose the right interior pieces, your attic apartment will appear more airy and spacious in no time. Furniture that creates plenty of storage space for small items is always a good idea. Low sideboards and chests of drawers that can be placed perfectly under sloping ceilings are very popular. Opulent carpets and lots of home textiles such as pillows and blankets create a cozy atmosphere.

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