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Living in Luxury: Furnishing the best apartment in 2024

It’s simply the most beautiful in your own four walls. Because here you are free and feel right at home. For luxury and comfort in living, an exclusive apartment should be stylishly furnished. You don’t need a lot of money or a professional interior designer to make this work. Our interior experts will give you tips and tricks on how you can furnish your luxury apartment in no time. Live with a lot of luxury – let yourself be inspired!

A luxury apartment visually sets a clear line in the design. This can appear rustic, modern, playful or harmonious. It is important that the luxurious ambience works as a whole. This means that even the smallest detail comes into focus. For luxury properties in and of themselves, apart from the furnishings, the following aspects are crucial:

  • The size of the living space and the space available as a result
  • The convenience : Is there a concierge, cleaning staff or security service?
  • XL windows , entire window fronts and/or a panoramic view
  • The outdoor area : A roof terrace, a luxury garden or an XL balcony
  • Add-ons such as a fitness studio or a wellness area in the house

What is generally referred to as luxury in a society is relative and subjective. While running water, heating and frequent consumption of meat dishes used to be a luxury, many people now take this for granted. Sometimes luxury is even paradoxical. Yet luxury is not arbitrarily determined: it is inextricably linked to scarcity and limited utility. Goods that can only be owned by people with power or wealth are considered luxurious.

You should keep this in mind when setting it up

First of all, when it comes to interior design, you should be clear about what is important to you. So set your priorities and then invest a little more money in them! This can be a designer sofa, a rain shower or even a box spring bed. You can then save something on home accessories and textiles without affecting the luxury flair. It is also important that luxury runs through all rooms. From the luxury living room , luxury bedroom , luxury dining room, luxury kitchenluxury children’s room , luxury bathroom , luxury office or study to the luxury garden. Get our tips for every room!

Aside from the walls, the floor takes up the most space in your home. Therefore, you should pay a little more attention to the floor covering. Extra tip: The clearer the floor, the more elegant the apartment.

Wooden floors

The classic among floors is still a covering made of wood. If you live in an old apartment, you might even be lucky enough to have authentic wooden floorboards. But parquet flooring and high-quality laminate with a wood look also complete the luxurious overall picture and give the atmosphere warmth and coziness.

Luxury furniture

When you decide on a floor, the first step you should take is to consider which needs need to be met. If you have underfloor heating, it is important to make sure that the floor covering in question is suitable for it. Even if you have a little furry friend living with you, the floor should be able to withstand any scratches – the same goes for children. A carpeted floor also looks very cozy and cozy. However, this requires a lot of care and is only recommended if you like to use the vacuum cleaner.

As already mentioned, the walls take up a large part of the space in your home. For the right luxury feeling, these should definitely not be neglected. But if you don’t feel like traditional painting, our living experts will tell you what other options there are for interesting wall design.

Paneling and cladding

What works well for floors and doors also works for walls. Paneling and cladding are easy to install and add a touch of luxury to the atmosphere. By the way, stucco or decorative moldings, which can be easily glued on with a little manual skill, look particularly stylish.

Stylish wallpapers

Plaster or wallpaper? Opinions definitely differ here. But we think: Both have their absolute right to exist. So be brave and try out stylish wallpapers! Because self-confidence has class and we associate that with luxury. Glossy wallpaper or strong colors then skilfully set accents. However, wallpaper made of woodchip is absolutely taboo in a luxury apartment.

Whether you are furnishing the bedroom or the living room: luxury furniture is the be-all and end-all when it comes to furnishing. After all, they are often the first thing that catches our eye when we enter the room. To give your four walls a luxurious charm, you should choose your furniture carefully. Invest a little more money in timeless statement pieces. Thanks to the classic look, you will enjoy it for a long time – because luxury living also lasts longer.

Unique design paired with the highest quality: luxury furniture is not just used to cope with everyday life. The stylish interior pieces are particularly beautiful to look at and give you a luxurious feeling of happiness when you look at them. Luxury furniture combines high-quality materials and creative design ideas that make these pieces of furniture simply unique. Whether a box spring bed, a leather sofa, a solid wood dining table or a symmetrical sideboard. Any piece of furniture can become a luxury item.

Find the right furnishing style

In order to find the right furniture, you should decide on an interior design style. After all, furnishing luxuriously doesn’t mean that you should only rely on gold and silver accents. Quite the opposite! A luxurious interior can be anything: romantic, playful, simple or rustic. In addition, your individual favorite design is not limited to any materials. Mix and match can therefore also be absolutely appropriate in luxury living.

Quality pays off

What is essential for furnishing in a luxurious style is furniture made of high quality! Furniture made of solid wood or marble, for example, is only recommended for a luxury apartment. Even though these are often very expensive, the invention definitely pays off. It’s not for nothing that the saying goes: If you buy cheap, you buy twice! Luxury furniture that impresses with its timeless character never goes out of fashion. They will make your home appear luxurious and stylish for years to come.

Sure, the ceiling light in your four walls serves more of a practical purpose. Nevertheless, the lighting should be just as decorative. Several small light sources in particular turn your luxury apartment into an exciting potpourri of light and shadow. Floor, table or wall lamps also give the room structure and let the eye wander to your most beautiful favorite pieces.

Luxury textiles

A beautiful decoration gives your luxury apartment the finishing touches! In addition to the lighting, the arrangement of plants, soft furnishings and pictures should also create a harmonious overall picture. The general rule when it comes to decoration is that it is better to stage it in groups than to spread it out over a wide area. Decorative elements that are placed in an odd number are particularly beautiful.


Do you still want to pamper your living room or bedroom with a little luxury? Then just rely on stylish luxury decoration in the form of luxury pillows. You can transform the entire living room with pretty decorative pillows. This means you can upgrade your sofa in no time. Your bed also looks great with lots of luxury pillows. High-quality covers exude an elegant touch and immediately enhance your room. Carpets and curtains also look very elegant in this ambience. Nevertheless, these textiles should harmonize with the sofa or bed. However, if your furnishings are a bit reserved in terms of color, the carpet can be a little brighter.

Pictures – Wall Decorations

You don’t need a real Picasso to give your four walls a luxurious flair. When it comes to the pictures on your wall, it is much more important how they are framed and arranged. Simply a poster with adhesive strips doesn’t look particularly stylish in this atmosphere. On the other hand, pictures that are framed in glass look much more elegant. Basically, you should also arrange small pictures in close groupings rather than scattered on the wall; this looks calmer.


Mirrors are always a good idea! These decorative elements make the room appear larger and bring a beautiful shine to your luxury apartment. So why not just hang a round mirror on the wall instead of pictures?


Green houseplants or fresh flowers bring liveliness to your home and also improve the indoor climate. An absolute win-win situation! Smaller plants look particularly beautiful in hanging baskets that you let dangle from the ceiling. But your green roommates also look stylish in rustic planters.

  • High-quality materials: You should use cashmere, silk, velvet, lambskin or wool specifically. This way you create a high-quality ambience. However, you should avoid synthetic fibers.
  • Attention to detail: Find luxury decoration that makes your furniture an eye-catcher. Make sure that the zippers and fasteners on luxury decorative pillows are neatly incorporated. And that the design is rather simple.
  • High-quality accessories: These immediately make the room look elegant and luxurious. Whether blankets made of fur, velvety luxury pillows or glasses made of crystal and candlesticks made of brass.
  • Less is more : Small rooms in particular can quickly appear cluttered and chaotic with too many pieces of furniture and accessories. Instead, opt for beautiful individual pieces and create a luxurious mood.
  • Let your walls do the talking:  Yes, high-quality wallpapers also exude a touch of luxury. Because they enhance the room individually and make it visually more interesting.

Have you gotten that luxury feeling and would you like to adapt your four walls to your new favorite look? Then find an exclusive selection of wonderful furniture and home accessories in the TUKA online shop to give your home a luxurious touch. Click through our range at your leisure and secure your new favorite pieces. We hope you have fun shopping, furnishing and decorating!

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